Barton Camp/7on7 Workout - 2/15

At Interlake High School in Bellevue, Washington, Taylor Barton and his Barton Football Academy held one of their offseason camps as well as a 7-on-7 workout as they prepare for the big 7-on-7 tournament that will take place in Las Vegas the final weekend of the month. Here's a look at some of the top prospects who were on hand and what we saw during the four-hours of work that took place...

Really liked what I saw from Williams during the 7on7 workout. The senior is playing quarterback for the Barton Upper Classmen Team, made up of juniors and seniors, and he really showed a good arm and decision-making skills. We all know he will wind up playing defensive end or linebacker once he gets to college, but when you watch him throw, you can see he has that "it" factor when it comes to playing the game. Players rally around him and he is an explosive athlete.

Rogers is a great athlete and he's got a big frame. He has also really improved as a signal-caller, but most scouts see him fitting into a college program at a different position. Rogers is tough, he's a good leader and he has a very high Football I.Q., but he seems like a better fit as an H-Back or tight end at the next level.

Expect to hear this name over the next few years. Sirmon, the nephew of former UW LB coach Peter Sirmon, is a rising star among signal-callers on the West Coast. He's already a legit 6'2" and he looks like he's right around 200 pounds right now. Sirmon will take over for Cal-signee Ross Bowers who led Bothell to their first state championship this past fall. The ball just explodes off of the sophomore-to-be's hand. He effortlessly flicked several tight spirals on long passes and appears to have the arm-strength to already get the ball 50-plus yards down the field when called upon. Sirmon will lead the Barton Underclassmen Team, made up almost entirely of sophomores, and while there are some talented players on that team, he's the one that scouts will really have their eyes on.

When he steps on the field, Penn definitely raises the eyebrows with his impressive frame and size. He's a strong runner, owing to his background in track and field. Penn is a hard-worker, he's an explosive athlete and you can see the raw potential, but he really fought the ball a lot during the four hours he was on the field. One of scouts' biggest questions with him will be his ability to catch the football. If he shows improved hands and the ability to run routes, he's definitely a wide receiver who could wind up being a steal down the road, but right now, everyone is in wait and see mode with him.

The USC-commit is as advertised as far as athleticism and work-ethic are concerned. Where he fits in at the next level is a different story. Most have him projected at tight end, but very few people actually think he will end up there. Most see him as a defensive end once he gets a year into playing for the Trojans. On Sunday, Garcia flashed his potential with soft hands and some nice moves to get open down the field, however, when he went up against other athletic players like himself, he just didn't seem to be as effective.

Dublanko showed up looking much thicker in his legs and chest, looking much more like a defensive end prospect to me. No one works harder than the senior-to-be, but his lack of flexibility really hurts him in space. If he stays at linebacker, he's a between-the-tackles, two-down player. If he moves to defensive end, he appears to be a player that could be a very good pass-rusher at the next level.

Patton is one of the best returning players in the Metro conference, but he may be moving to a different school, likely Kennedy in Burien, due to a job change within his family. Setting all of that aside, Patton is super-athletic and reminded me a lot of former Kennedy and Washington State DB Nolan Washington. Patton played both corner and safety at Garfield this past season. He's got a bit smaller of a frame than I had thought, but he's aggressive and he never backs down from a challenge. Patten covered some of the best wideouts on the field during the two-hour camp workout in the morning and he might be a late addition the Barton Upperclass team if he can work out his schedule. Top Stories