Cody Boyd Update

Football or Basketball? That's the burning question <b>Cody Boyd</b> wakes up with every morning, and while the 6'8", 220-pound Boyd is currently playing both with amazing proficiency for Ferndale High, he knows that at some point he'll need to make a decision. Football or Basketball? Or maybe both?

"I would probably go football," Boyd confessed to if pressed to choose between the two sports. "It would be a very hard decision." Boyd would ideally like to get a shot to play both, if possible.

While basketball usually gets more of Cody's time during the summer, he's starting to give the pigskin equal attention. "Actually, it's been pretty equal between the two this last month," he said.

One of the football-related activities Boyd has took part in this summer was the 2001 WSCA Skills Camp at Husky Stadium. He worked out for nearly 4 hours with some of the state's best quarterbacks, including West Valley's Dylan Strait and Kentwood's Carl Bonnell. Cody was especially impressed with the signal caller for the Conquerors.

"That guy was very good," Boyd said of Bonnell. "I enjoyed catching balls from him. It felt like the game was stepped up a bit. It felt good."

One of the things you notice about Cody's game is that his motor never stops. He went rep after rep at the skills camp without resting. "If the quarterback takes the trouble to throw the ball, than I feel I need to put at least that much effort to try and get the ball that he throws and to get as many yards as I can," was Boyd's honest response.

Cody was invited to the very prestigious ABCD basketball camp, but decided to stay home and get ready for football season. Ferndale's starting to go through their 2-a-day workouts and Boyd was feeling it early on. "The first couple of days were pretty tough," he said. "But I got through them fine." Anything he's working on specifically for Head Coach Vic Randall? "Just to stay low and keep moving. I know they say that to everybody, but staying low is a big deal for me," Boyd said.

Cody is also working hard at football right now so that he can get his weight up. He has the frame to put on at least 30 to 40 pounds and still maintain his 4.8 speed. "I think I could get a lot bigger if I just concentrated on football instead of worrying about playing sports year around," he said.

Today is an important day for Boyd and thousands of other recruitable high school athletes. September 1st is when college coaches are allowed to call, so up to this point, things have been fairly quiet. "Now is when they start calling a lot more," Cody said.

Unlike many others, Boyd already has options if he wanted to verbally commit to a school right now. Eastern Washington and Washington State have offered Cody a scholarship to play football. "I can probably play both at Eastern," he said, referring to his wish to play both football and basketball if possible. Expect Washington and many other Pac-10 schools to be calling Cody early today to reaffirm their interest in the multi-talented athlete. Top Stories