TB Lorenzo Booker update

Lorenzo Booker is mentioned as perhaps the top back on the west coast, if not the nation, by many recruiting publications. The 5-11 175-pounder from St. Bonaventure with the 4.4 speed in the 40-yard dash received a lot of phone calls today.

"Tennessee, Washington, UCLA, Notre Dame, and Texas all called," said Booker. There were numerous others that he couldn't remember at the moment because he had yet to check all the messages on the family answering machine.

"Coach Toledo was the first to call. He left a message on my machine, at 8:45 this morning," said Booker of UCLA's head coach.

Booker's St. Bonaventure opened their season last night with a big win. "It had a championship game atmosphere, it didn't feel like an opener," said Booker. "We still have a lot of work to do but we won, so I'm happy."

Booker had 23 carries for 157 yards and one touchdown. He also had one reception for 16 yards. Still, Booker wasn't completely satisfied with his effort. "I made a few mistakes but it was the first game."

Booker believes that Clemson sent a coach to the game last night. The Tigers are recruiting Booker as well as his teammate, lineman Nolan Fisher, so that would make sense.

Recruiting is not making Lorenzo uneasy yet. He's too focused. "I'm not sweating it real hard. I'm not letting it get to me so I'm not feeling the wrath. It might not hit until mid-season or maybe even after my season, when I have to start worrying about it," said the tailback.

"Right now I'm so focused on my senior season, and our schedule is tougher than last year. I really want to finish my last season well so I can leave here 42-0."

Yep. Booker has never lost a high school football game.

A lot of people are wondering who the top running back is out west this season. The names that pop up are Booker, Fredrick Collins (La Quinta), Herschel Dennis (Poly), and Marcus O'Keith (Narbonne). The comparisons don't bother Booker one iota.

"A lot of people on the internet and magazines have their opinions on who's better. They're all great backs. If they weren't they wouldn't be rated so high.

"The only way to find out who's the better back is in the Shrine game when they are playing against the same defense with the same line. Or you may not know until after they're playing at the collegiate level. It doesn't bother me because I know they definitely have a lot of talent. It just gives me incentive to work harder," said Booker.

Lorenzo has three visits that he'll take for certain. He is scheduled to visit Florida State on October 12th, Washington on December 14th, he'll visit Texas but hasn't set a date just yet. He's keeping his other two visits open for now.

When asked about whom his favorites are, he gives an interesting answer. "To be honest, it would be easy to say USC or UCLA. But they're right next to me. I haven't had the chance to get out and see other schools out of state. I might be kind of biased because of that, so I don't really want to say where I'm leaning until after I make a couple of trips."

This is one recruiting battle that looks like it will go the distance so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

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