Dawgman Pylon 7v7 Notebook: Day 2

Day two of the Pylon 7v7 tournament saw more players rise up and make people take notice of their exploits. Here's a look at which Washington targets we saw on Sunday as well as some recruiting updates on where things stand with them currently...

Owens certainly passes the look test. He’s a solid 6’ and 200 pounds. He’s really well put together and he’s got really good, but not elite speed. Owens told me he really has been feeling the love from the Huskies and plans to visit Montlake in April for UW’s Junior Day event on the 18th. Owens said most schools like him as an athlete, including Washington, but also noted that UCLA and Oregon are recruiting him exclusively at wideout. Owens told me his relationship with Jordan Paopao (his area recruiter) is really strong and he’s excited to get up to Seattle to check things out.

The one player who really wowed everyone early on during Sunday’s games was Patmon who is a legit 6’4” and 200 pounds. Patmon just got offered by Washington State and he told me that Colorado State, San Diego State and Boise State have all been in touch with him. He said he’s hoping to hear from Michigan this spring and the Wolverines would jump to the top of his favorites list if he gets an offer from them. Patmon has long arms and soft hands and the kind of body that will allow him to shield corners from the ball.

Eason looked solid on Saturday, but on Sunday, it was pretty obvious he was the best quarterback of the bunch that was on hand. Eason effortlessly hit guys in stride on fades and post patterns and he helped his team to a big win with a late touchdown in FSP’s first game of the day. Pretty much everyone who watched him throw came away impressed with his performance.

Like Saturday, Ahmed played corner exclusively. He struggled to find a groove. Ahmed likes to compete and be physical, but that resulted in him holding, actually it was more like bear-hugging, receivers. At 5’11 and 175 pounds, I just see him more as an offensive player, but that could change once we see how much he’s improved over the offseason.

I noted Martell’s performance yesterday and he was even better on Sunday. Martell was dropping dimes in the game I watched, hitting several receivers for touchdowns as he put the ball in the only place it could go and where only his receiver could get it. While most teams had coaches calling the plays in the huddles, Martell called his own plays, which was also interesting. Worth noting is that the Team 702 squad that he was leading, all but three were Gorman players and they were essentially running Gorman plays, so he’d better have a good handle on the routes, play calls and audibles.

Loved what I saw in the two games I watched Wedington. He’s so athletic and he just seems to understand things and read things well. He got a bit of a ribbing from most of us for a sure-interception he dropped in one game, but he had two very nice touchdown grabs I saw in the same game, making up for his faux pas. Wedington had never played DB with the Barton 2 team he was on, so that made his efforts on that side of the ball even more impressive.

Next to Patmon, Rucker was one of the surprises of the tournament. At 6’1 and 180 pounds, Rucker really performed well from his safety spot. He made several good breaks on passes and came up with at least six interceptions on the day. Rucker roams the secondary and he has great quickness and he reads the ball in the air very well. He’s only a sophomore right now (2017 class) so not a lot of schools know much about him yet. They will after this weekend.

I was a little surprised with how skinny Vaughns is when I interviewed him. He didn’t have broad shoulders and he almost looked like a basketball player, but this kid can play some ball. He’s ultra-competitive and he goes up and gets the ball at it’s highest point. On a team loaded with talent, Vaughns really stands out and a playmakers. Vaughns said he loved his trip to see Washington last fall and he said he’s hoping to make it back up in the summer to check out the program.

Meitznheimer’s only offer is from the Huskies. He’s an instinctive player who told me that he feels that is his best asset – making quick reads and then running to the ball. UW wants him as an inside linebacker in their 3-4 scheme and he said he’s expecting to make a trip up this spring to check out some practices, but he’s unsure if that will be the weekend of the the Junior Day on April 18th.

The consensus is that Asiasi is headed to USC or Cal, but he said his relationship with Jordan Paopao is really strong and the Huskies are one of the programs showing him the most interest right now. I asked what it was about Washington that intrigued him so much and he said that it’s the school and the fact that Washington has “one of the best coaches in the country (Chris Petersen) and I think he’ll win big there”.

Fehoko showed up on Sunday for the event after playing in his high school team’s playoff basketball game the night before. I didn’t get to see him, but Doug Kimmel said, after talking to him, that UW is right at the top of Fehoko’s list and he’s been talking up the Dawgs to several other players that he knows. Most feel that Stanford is going to be very hard to beat when it’s all said and done, but Washington is right in there battling for his services.

This was the first time I’d see Sirmon live and I came away thoroughly impressed. Sure, he’s got a lot to work on, but he’s just a freshman right now (2018 class) and he’s got all of the tools you could ask for to work with. Sirmon had a throw in one of his Saturday games where he threaded the needle on a 30-yard post route, fitting the ball into the receivers’ hands between the safety and the cornerback. He’ll take over for Cal-signee Ross Bowers and he’s got a lot of weapons to work with this coming fall as the presumed starter for the 4A State Champs.

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