DawgmanTV: Jaylen Nowell

Dawgman.com’s Kim Grinolds and Aaron Beach headed out this weekend to Mount Rainier High School, where they were able to catch up with some of the area’s top prep basketball talent during the Rotary NETS AAU Tournament. Arguably the top player there was 2017 Garfield guard Jaylen Nowell, who plays for Rotary Style.

Fresh off a 3A State Title win over Rainier Beach in a game where Nowell scored 23 points, the 6-foot-4 guard talked to Grinolds about the game, the Bulldogs’ rivalry with Rainier Beach, and recruiting. Washington has already offered, and Nowell’s father coaches with Cameron Dollar at Seattle University.

Here are some selected quotes from the interview:

Current height and weight? - “I’m 6-4 and my weight is around 175-180.”

Did the state title mean more because it was against Rainier Beach? - “Yes. Most definitely, especially everybody that expected us to lose, which was almost the whole state. Even people from Garfield expected us to lose. To go in there and get out the win was great.”

Easier or harder to play them because they know you so well and vise-versa? - “It’s different. You know what they do, they know what you do, so you’ve got to change your game all the time no matter what. It’s difficult.”

Does it mean anything that people will be talking about your high school battles with Dejounte Murray 10 years from now? - “It means a lot. I always wanted to make history in anything I do; basketball-wise, anything. Coming in, winning four championships in a row, be the only player in the state to ever do that. I always wanted to make history, to be remembered as one of the greatest that ever played.”

What’s on hand for the spring and summer? - “I’m going to be trying out for the U-16 USA Basketball team. If I make that I’ll be playing there for a minute. Other than that, I’m just going to play for Rotary and just play some games. I don’t think I should do camps this year.”

Remember when you were one of the little kids running around wanted to be one of the big kids? Now you’re a big kid - “Sometimes it’s like, ‘How did I get here?’ I’m hoping my little brother comes through and does the same thing as me.”

To watch the entire video interview with Jaylen Nowell, click on the link below.

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