Spring Ball Day 7: News And Notes

The Huskies are at the mid-way point of their spring football practices and the coaches have seen fit to throw a lot of new stuff at them. During Friday's two-hour plus workout, the players seemed to be swimming a bit, but that doesn't mean head coach Chris Petersen is disappointed with where the team is at. To the contrary, he's happy with what he's seen so far...

"I think we’re getting a lot of things done, and we’re close," Petersen said after practice. "You have some ugly plays out there and you put the tape on and it’s one guy that it’s something new to him, and it’s like, it’ll get cleaned up.

"We’ve got a lot of guys that are getting good reps. Some of those guys may not get reps in the fall. Some guys on the sideline right now that we know we’ll have back in the fall. So it’ll all come together. But I think the mentality is good."

Washington's seventh practice of the spring was filled with some big plays by the defense as well as some spotty play on the offense.

Quarterback Competition, Day Seven: Wednesday's practice was widely considered one of the best the quarterbacks have had in quite some time, but boy, Friday was definitely a step back from the signal-caller spot.

True freshman Jake Browning, who had his best practice of the spring on Wednesday, really struggled and looked the worst of the three quarterbacks vying for the starting spot.

Browning still made some nice throws, but overall he did not look comfortable and he was picked off twice by Jojo McIntosh and once by Darren Gardenhire.

Overall, K.J. Carta-Samuels seemed to have the better day making several nice throws, but like Browning, he had some struggles with some of the new plays.

Jeff Lindquist mad some good decision, but he too threw an interception in a redzone drill while also showing some running ability.

Players Making Plays:
The big playmakers on the day were McIntosh and Gardenhire, both of whom came down with two interceptions.

Gardenhire blanketed Jaydon Mickens on one play down the south sideline and leaped to pick off Browning on one of the more athletic plays of the day.

McIntosh broke on one pass from all the way across the field, breaking it up before the receiver could haul it in.

The redshirt freshman safety also was in the right place at the right time when Lindquist, who was pressured by Azeem Victor, overthrew Joshua Perkins across the middle allowing McIntosh to haul in the interception.

McIntosh also picked off Browning a couple of times with his final pick ending a great 11-on-11 session for the defense.

DL Taniela Tupou got free inside for a "sack" on Browning while linebacker s Scott Lawyer and Kyler Manu also broke through to stop runners in the backfield before they could get started.

Budda Baker was beaten by Mickens on one play, only to come back later and batting a ball away from what appeared to be a wide open Perkins down the south sideline.

Injury Woes: DB Trevor Walker, DB Kevin King, DB Jermaine Kelly, LB Keishawn Bierria, OL Coleman Shelton, OL Devin Burleson and WR John Ross continued to sit out while DB Brandon Beaver, DB Brandon Lewis and LB Travis Feeney all wore yellow jerseys and were limited.

Ross, King and Bierra spent a lot of time catching balls from the Juggs machine.

Ross did get out on the field and field several punts from Mitch Johnson on the side.

Dexter Charles continues to be limited in practice, but unlike the other limited players, he is not in a yellow jersey and he was dressed out in his shoulder pads today.

The Seating Chart: As is always the case, the Huskies mixed and matched most of the day.

The number one offensive line was, from left to right, Jake Eldrenkamp (LT), Dane Crane (LG), Siosifa Tufunga (C), Shane Brostek (RG) and Matt James (RT).

The number one defense was, for the most part, Taniela Tupou (DE), Elijah Qualls (DT), Jaylen Johnson (DT/DE) and Joe Mathis (BUCK) up front with Corey Littleton (OLB), Scott Lawyer (ILB) and Azeem Victor (ILB) at linebacker.

The secondary saw a lot of guys rotating through, but Brian Clay did man the free safety spot with Budda Baker mostly at strong safety, Darren Gardenhire at corner and Sidney Jones at the other corner spot.

Worth Mentioning: -- The Huskies had several 2016 recruits on campus to check out practice with OL Korbin Sorensen from Kamiakin (Kennewick, Wa.) the only one we recognized right off the bat.

-- 2015 signee Myles Gaskin was also in the house, making his first appearance of the spring.

-- Korey Durkee really seems to have found the consistency he was unable to master his first two years with the program. He booms punts, something that we all knew was possible, but he rarely if ever shanks one and that is a marked change from years past.

-- Dante Pettis and Baker both spent time catching punts with Chris Petersen running them through different drills, either putting them on their knees or their back before the ball was punted, then they had to spring to their feet, locate the ball and make the play.

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