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Dawgman.com’s Kim Grinolds and Aaron Beach were at the 2015 NW Premier Spring Showcase, held Saturday at Bellevue College, and it was there they were able to see some of the top 2016 and 2017 local hoops prospects. One of them was 2017 SG Corey Kispert, who plays for Friends of Hoop.

Grinolds spoke with Kispert, who plays his high school basketball at King’s. He currently holds a scholarship offer from Washington.

I won’t ask about playing QB, but I will about playing WR - “After a lot of thought I think football has kind of come to an end for me. I love playing football and I love the game but I think it’s time to zero in on basketball. I think I have more of a future there, and I love the game more. It’s more of a priorities thing.”

Do you still get guys telling you to play football? - “Yeah. A lot of guys at school are telling me I can do both. But I think it’s been a personal choice for me to focus on what I love to do best. I know a guy up in Lynden, Daulton Hommes, who played quarterback for Lynden Christian. He was going to play somewhere big and he hurt his knees two years in a row playing football. I want to take that as an example of taking precaution more, err on the side of caution rather than playing football and going all out. Playing basketball is the best choice for me at this moment.”

Tell me about your basketball year - “Basketball year, we obviously finished out strong - we won the state championship for 1A. We lost to two good teams in Bellevue and Lynden. It was just a great season. Those guys have been together for so long. It was great to get them the win that they so deserve. Playing with my brother last year was definitely an emotional ride for me. It was really nice to end it in the way everyone wanted to.”

How did you do personally? - “My year went good. I played just as I expected to, got the shots I wanted, got the assists I needed - rebounds as well. I think I improved on the defensive end as well, which is going to help me here in the summer.”

What’s the big difference in you now from a year ago? - “I think I have more physical strength. I’ve kind of put time in the weight room a little bit more. I’m a little bit stronger than I was a year ago to help me on the basketball court.”

What’s your height and weight right now? - “I’m 6-5 and I’m 205. I’m getting closer to 6-6. I’ll probably put on 10-15 more pounds I think. It depends on how much I grow.”

What do you need to improve on during the AAU circuit? - “What I need to improve on most is ball handling, confidence with the ball in my hand. Sometimes I get a little shaky with it. That’s something I really need to improve on to work towards the next level is to just get more solid with the ball.”

And going to the basket? - “Yeah. My whole life I’ve been kind of a set shooter. It’s just a mental block for me to pass up the shot and have the mental edge to get by someone. I think I can do it, but I don’t know if I’m quite there yet in terms of the mental aspect of it.”

What’s going on recruiting-wise? - “Recruiting-wise, not much during the basketball season, the fall season at least, or the winter season. But hopefully it’ll pick up sooner, rather than later for this season coming up. I’ve had little talks with coaches here and there but nothing more.”

Offers so far? - “U-Dub is my only offer. I think I have interest from other schools, but the only official is U-Dub. Gonzaga I’ve been in contact with. A little bit with Stanford. A little bit with Virginia.”
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