Catching Up With '15 Signee Michael Neal

Etiwanda (Ca.) TE Mike Neal discusses his offseason as he prepares to enroll at the University of Washington this summer...

"It's been a good offseason," Neal told over the weekend. "I was playing basketball, but I stopped just because it was taking away from my football training time and I didn't want to get hurt or anything like that when I needed to be ready to get up to Washington in June."

One thing Neal has really focused on his putting on good weight, something that he said has happened as he's done the Husky workout.

"I'm up about 10 pounds. I weigh 225 right now and, with my shoes off, I am 6'4," Neal added. "It's been really tough. The workout is hard and you have to push yourself.

"I work out five days a week right now and I run stairs at a local college here and then I get on the field and I do footwork stuff two days a week.

"Honestly, I want to get in shape so that when I get there, I can take that next step and be in really good shape. They are going to push me and I know I'm going to be tired a lot, but I want to get in as good a shape as I can before I get up there so I can push myself even harder when I get there."

Neal had hoped to get up for Washington's final spring practice, but said he'll just have to wait and come up to start the LEAP program in late June.

"I just don't think it's going to happen, but I'll be up there the last week of June," Neal said. "I've talked to Jake (Browning) about his time up there and how things have been going and he said he's having a great time.

"He said it rains up there, but not as much as people say and he said the class work and stuff like that isn't too bad. He said the tutors really help a lot and that they are really good."

Neal finished his high school career with a solid senior season, hauling in 21 receptions for 353 yards and seven touchdowns for a team that really struggled to throw the ball this year.

We will touch base with Neal one more time before he heads north to begin his college career in a couple of months. Top Stories