Spring Preview: Chris Petersen Video/Quotes

Washington Head Coach Chris Petersen spoke to the media Saturday for nearly 10 minutes to break down the Huskies' Spring Football campaign, address some injury concerns, talk about his quarterbacks and what they have to work on heading into summer - and much more.

Looked like defense was really ballhawking out there - “I need to go see why. I love that, when our defense is doing that. Sometimes I think we may have made it a little bit too easy on them. Really need to put the tape in to go see exactly why. Our defense did a great job last year of getting a lot of turnovers. Somehow that needs to continue.”

On Jeff Lindquist avoiding interceptions - “I don’t know what the total is. We kind of keep track of all that. Like I said, Jeff’s done a nice job. Jeff has taken a step forward, he really has. He’s been making better decisions. I think he’s throwing it more accurately. So he’s progressed.”

Did you see progress from all three QBs that you hoped for? - “I think you can see flashes in all of them. Obviously we need a lot more than flashes. Jake just got here. And so every practice is huge and you can see him doing some really, really good things, just instinctual, and when he gets more dialed into the whole thing, he’s going to take a huge step. I think K.J., K.J. got a little bit of fall camp, for the most part, in terms of reps, and then was a scout-team guy for the year. He’s really brand new to us, too, in terms of operating the offense, and so he’s really growing as well. And then I always say, the older guys … because they’ve had quite a few reps. (Jeff)’s been around here for a while. Hat’s off to Jeff for taking a step, for sure.”

What’s Lindquist doing better than a year ago? - “I think he’s better with the ball in a couple different ways. Not turning it over as much, but I think his accuracy has improved. Decision-making has improved. Both those things are good to see. I think everybody would love – wants to have a returning starting quarterback, pecking order set. I don’t think we’re any different in that, but that’s not even kind of how it is. So people keep asking. We’ll figure this out as we go.”

Feel better than a month ago at that position? - “I think we feel better than we were a month ago, because we definitely put a lot of stuff on them. I mean, we really did. We put the bulk of the stuff in, without question. … And so when you’ve got three guys and you can never get the quarterbacks enough reps, they see it, but how many times do they actually get to rep that? That’s the problem with not having a returning guy and those type of things, (who’s) seen a lot of things. It’s a good group.”

On importance of Jake Browning practicing this spring - “I don’t see how a guy could even kind of compete coming into the fall at that position. I know it’s happened, but that’s a really hard thing. It’s hard in spring. The beauty of it is now he gets to digest it – all these guys do – and watch all the tape from now until we start actually working out there, they know what’s going on, they have 20-some practices as well in the fall, so you get it again. So it’s really, really huge that he’s here now.”

One or two priorities you’d like to see team improve upon? - “Decision and accuracy. Never changes.”

And the team as a whole? - “We don’t have enough time for that (laughs). We’ve got to get assignment sound, at least. And so you see a brand new guy in there and doesn’t know his assignment, and (it’s a five-yard loss, but everyone else is on the same page. We’ve got to get all 11 guys at least assignment-sound. When we play a game, we’d like them to be assignment perfect. They know all their assignments. It might not get it all executed, but you can know what it is. So that’s probably the biggest thing. I think our coaches do a nice job of the fundamental aspect. We spend a lot of time. Some teams just run plays all practice long. We don’t do that. We run plays, but we spend half the practice trying to grind these fundamentals into them.”

Any guys really jump out this spring - “I don’t like to do that because I think a lot of guys, especially in the youth…but I’ll give you one guy; Sean Constantine has done a nice job on defense. I think he’s gotten a lot better than where he was. He’s a fun guy to be around because even when he’s not in - and this is how it was last year - he’s a great team guy. He’s actually gotten his game better as a linebacker.”

Health wise dinged up - “When you lose a lot of old guys and your roster’s thin anyways, it doesn’t matter if we stay in helmets the whole time or didn’t play with helmets on - the way we run around and the way we practice guys pull, guys go down and those type of things. Maybe next year we’ll have more depth so we don’t lose a ton of guys next year. So if we have more numbers and bodies…everybody would love to divide it up and have teams and have a little game and those type of things but we barely have two lines going out there on offensive line and those things. So it’s just kind of across the board. The depth is coming. We’ll have close to 30 new guys in the fall and we’ll build that depth.”

Is John Ross okay? - “John Ross is not okay right now, or he’d be out there practicing. That’s all I’ve got for you right now.”

Do you expect him to be ready for fall camp? - “I don’t know. I’ll get back to you when the doctors look at him. They are still looking at him.”

Is there’s a legit concern that he might not play next year? - “I’ll answer all this stuff when the doctors give us the final final.”

How did not having Dexter and Coleman along the OL affect the effectiveness of the offensive line throughout spring? - “It’s hard when you don’t have two guys that definitely know what’s going on - we’re talking about those assignment things, so that’s hard. The good news is, a bunch of those young guys got how many more reps without having those guys in there. When you have both guys that have started numerous games that has an affect, but we’ve got to build depth.”

Are you envisioning the QB competition going all the way to the final week of fall camp? And could you envision a two-quarterback system this year? - “I don’t know, and I don’t know. We’ll just keep evaluating day-by-day until we figure it out. We’re a long way from any of that.”

Where do things stand with Cyler? - “It’s still status quo. We talk to Cyler now and again. Like I said from the start, you’ve got to go with who is here and you make your plans accordingly. We’ll figure that one out down the road as well.”

Has he expressed any interest in playing again? - “I think the conversations and what Cyler’s going through is between us. That’s the important thing.”

There was an ESPN story about a Utah State QB that tried to transfer to UW - are you still open to trying to find another QB at this point? - “First of all I’d never comment on any of that stuff. But I will tell you that’s completely false. I’ve heard nothing of that myself. That’s the problem with half the stuff; you hear these things and you think they are completely true. They’re not. But we’re always looking at our roster all the time. That’s all we do is recruit.”

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