Peters Taken by Kansas City in First Round

Washington cornerback Marcus Peters was dismissed by the school back in early November, but a mea culpa and a trip back to Seattle to take part in UW’s Pro Day meant his dismissal played little in Kansas City's choice to take Peters with their 18th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft Thursday in Chicago.

“Just the fact that he was invited back to the pro day significantly increases his stock,” Rob Rang of and told after seeing Peters and the other NFL prospects at Washington’s Pro Day in early April. “He definitely was the star of the show as far as the positional workouts go; the ball skills, the fluidity. I thought he had a fantastic positional workout. He did not run the 40-yard dash or any of that stuff, so there’s no numbers to go along with that. But it was very impressive watching him transition into his backpedal and things of that nature. I saw one dropped pass - a potential interception - but other than that I thought it was an absolutely spectacular workout.

“I have him as a first-round pick, have had him there the entire time. He looked like a first round player today.

“I didn’t see anything that surprised me,” added Doug Farrar of, who also saw Peters work out during Washington’s Pro Day. “He’s a fantastic closer; I think he’s going to go top-15. (Doug now has Peters going To the Steelers at No. 22)

“Chris Petersen is a hard ass. One of the things he wanted to do, and he made this very clear - when he came in he wanted to clean up some of the elements of permissiveness that he perceived in the Sarkisian era. I talked to Marcus Peters about this at the Scouting Combine - the fact that Peters came back here and apologized for all the stuff that happened. The fact that Petersen invited him back…I don’t think anything else needs to be said other than that. From there he can endorse the kid and say whatever he wants. He was invited back, and he backed up his tape. He looked how he looked at the combine. That’s all he needed to do. The tape tells the whole story with him.

“Peters as a pure on-field talent? He’s one of…there’s the Michigan State kid (Trae Waynes), there’s Jalen Collins, the kid at LSU, and then there’s him. He’s either the first or second best. When you have a guy that’s about six foot, around 200 pounds and plays that aggressively…we were talking earlier about comparing him to Desmond Truant…he’s a lot stickier than Desmond. He’s not as fluid, but he’s much more aggressive. We’ve seen it in Seattle with the Legion of Boom. Everyone’s going for that archetype. That’s exactly what he is.” Top Stories