Tialavea Takes Advantage of Social Media

It’s a bit surreal to think a 6-foot-4, 345-pound man could get lost in the shuffle, but apparently defensive lineman Tiano Tialavea wasn’t standing out his junior year at Meadowdale. So he did was a lot of kids these days do; he made his appeal directly via social networking. Now he’s at O’Dea, getting ready for his senior season, hoping the move pays off.

Another move the nose tackle made was show up at Ford Sports Performance’s May Madness Sunday in Bellevue, where he got a chance to compete against college-bound offensive linemen. The opportunity to compete against players like Shane Lemieux, Calvin Throckmorton, Henry Roberts - as well as 2017 standouts Foster Sarell and Henry Bainivalu was exactly what Tialavea was looking for - a challenge.

“When I was in the fourth grade my dream was to play college football. I went to Meadowdale and I wasn’t getting any exposure there, no one was promoting me,” Tialavea told Dawgman.com. “I noticed I had to do it myself, so I put my name all over Twitter, it’s all over Instagram, all over Facebook - doing everything I could to put my name out there.”

There was one other reason Tialvea scrapped the Wesco for the Metro, and it’s a pretty good one.

“Academics,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Meadowdale didn’t challenge me as much as I wanted to. My GPA last year was 3.7. I’m at O’Dea now with a 3.28.”

Tialavea has spoken to O’Dea Head Coach Monte Kohler about his role on this year’s team. He’s only sure of one thing right now; he’s going to clog up the middle for O’Dea’s defense. “We’ve talked a lot about changing up the defense a little bit and moving forward as a team,” he said when asked about his conversations with Kohler.

Ford Sports Performance’s Tracy Ford set up May Madness as an opportunity for those players looking for more recruiting exposure to get exactly that - and Tialavea was a prime example of a prospect worthy of attention as a future college football player.

“I have no offers right now but I’m talking to about 12 schools including U-Dub, Wazzu, Colorado, Idaho, Cornell, Columbia, Vanderbilt, and I’m talking to Kentucky,” Tialavea said when asked about his own recruiting process. “USC is my dream, but I talk to U-Dub a lot. I love U-Dub. I went to Wazzu’s Junior Day and I went to U-Dub’s Spring Preview, talked to the coaches and stuff.”

As with his schooling, Tialavea is equally passionate about taking advantage of everything he can in the recruiting process. “It’s a grind, but I love it,” he said. “I love the exposure and I love having my name out there.”

Tialavea added that he plans on attending the Prime Time Polynesian camp in California, the Opening Regional camp in Eugene, the Northwest Elite Camp in Lynnwood in early June and possibly Washington’s camp the next day.

For those interested in viewing Tialavea’s Hudl tape from last year, click HERE

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