Catching up with Jusstis Warren

BELLEVUE - For Jusstis Warren, this spring was a case of almost was. The 6-foot-2, 240-pound linebacker from Tacoma, who signed with Washington in February, scrambled to get eligible for spring football, yet ended up one class shy of hitting the mark. We caught up with Warren at Ford Sports Performance’s May Madness, where he let us know what he’s been up to.

“It’s already taken care of, I’m ready for summer,” Warren said of taking care of the one class to get him ready to go for college. “With the spring thing it was tough because I had one class I had to take. The NCAA marked me as ineligible because I would have to finish out that class - but I’ve finished out that class and I’m ready for summer.”

While Warren wanted to be out there with fellow true frosh Kyler Manu, that didn’t stop him from learning on the sidelines as much as he could. “It was definitely frustrating (to not play), but at the same time I took it with grain of salt and any time I went up there I took mental reps,” he said. “I talk to Azeem (Victor) a lot, I talk to a lot of those guys. They love it. They had a great transition from Sark to Pete. They were both great coaches to them.”

Know for wearing number 1 on the field, will Warren become the first full-time defensive starter at Washington to wear that number since Sean Parker? “That’s JRoss’s number, so…we’ll see,” he said. “I’ll wear any number. I’ll make the number that I wear.”

Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory hasn’t told Warren where he’ll play right away in the fall. “They haven’t really told me anything,” he said. “They see me as versatile, so I can play inside or outside. They just want to see where I can fill in at. I’ll get in where I can fit in. I like to hit, I like to compete.”

Since Warren wasn’t able to get his competitive juices going on the field, he’s had to take it out on the weight room. “It’s been a grind,” he said. “I’ve been grindin’, staying in the weight room, conditioning, getting ready for summer because I know they are going to come after me pretty hard. I’m ready for that.

“I’ve gotten a lot stronger, a lot faster. We’ll see during summer and fall ball.”

How much stronger is Warren? “The most I’ve ever done on the bench is 350 (pounds),” he said. “Most I’ve ever done on a clean is 305, squat 505. But I don’t really go heavy.”

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