Dawgman.com In-State 2016 Top 25: 21 - 25

Today we begin a series focusing on the top 25 players for the 2016 recruiting class in the Evergreen State...

#21 - When you see him step on the field, Boddie really sticks out because he looks the part. He's got cut arms and appears to have a very strong frame. At 6'0, 220 pounds, Boddie looks like a prototypical power-back, but that's not his game. He is more of a finesse runner rather than a three yards and a cloud of dust type. Boddie has offers from Idaho and Utah currently and he's getting looks from several other Mountain West and Big Sky programs.

#22 - Rogers has really improved as a quarterback over the past 18 months and that is his preferred position at the next level, however, most people see him as a better fit at another position, be it safety, linebacker or as an H-Back. With his size and leadership skills, Rogers will definitely find a place to play in college, but currently his only offer is from Washington State although quite a few other Pac 12 programs have let him know they have their eyes on him.

#23 - Laris currently holds offers from five programs - Air Force, Boise State, California, Eastern Washington and Montana State -- and he's getting looks from a handful of other Pac 12 and Big Ten programs. With his outstanding hands, knowledge of how to run precision pass-routes and good size, Laris will be a real threat as an intermediate pass-catcher at the next level.

#24 - Gilmer has already grabbed four offers -- Idaho, Montana State, UNLV and Utah State -- and more schools are after him as well. With his size and quickness, Gilmer could be a real playmaker on either side of the ball, but most think he'll be a lock-down corner prospect once he gets into college.

#25 - Because he plays in Richland, not a lot or recruitniks know much about Wills, but he's truly a standout on the football field. He can play on either side of the ball but with his outstanding size, he fits into that mold of the longer linebacker prospects that are becoming so popular in today's defenses. Wills already has an offer from Air Force and he's got plenty of other programs eyeing his talents as well.

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