DE Jordan Reffett Update

Hailing from Eastern Washington, <b>Jordan Reffett</b> is looking for big things from Moses Lake this year, and the 6'6", 245-pound DE-TE is also looking for big things for himself. He also was a popular guy this week.

"Yeah, it was ringing off the hook," Reffett told when talking about last Saturday, the first day college coaches could call prospective student-athletes.

"Coach Zoumboukos from Oregon called and the recruiting coordinator from Oregon State called. Coach Neuheisel (Washington) called too and Coach Price (Washington State). Coach Thure from Idaho called, and also coaches from Boise State and Stanford too. There were a couple of others, but I wasn't around when they called."

Washington is reportedly interested in recruiting Reffett as a defensive end. "Neuheisel just told me that he was very interested to see some film on me and that he was going to come out after the Idaho game to watch me and see how things went," Reffett said.

"Oregon and Oregon State are saying the same thing."

His current offers right now are from Washington State and Idaho.

Reffett wants to go to school in the Northwest. "Yeah, I've been saying that since the very beginning," said Reffett. "I think that's why interest from other schools has died down a bit. I just want to be straightforward with them and let them know that I want to stay (in the Northwest)."

Most schools are recruiting Jordan at defensive end, and that suits Reffett just fine. "I've just always been a defensive-type player," he said. "I love it. It's a position that's always motivating me to get better. But I'm a team player, and if I need to play tight end too, I'll play there. But I like being the tackler rather than being a tackling dummy."

Reffett lists Washington as his leader, followed by Oregon State, Oregon, Washington State and Idaho.

Here are Jordan's quick thoughts on each of his five favorites:

UW - "Well, I've always been a Husky fan growing up. They were my team."

OSU - "I like Coach Erickson and I have some friends I know that like it down there."

Oregon - "Their stadium is great and they are a highly respected program."

WSU - "Being from Eastern Washington, they are the program everyone follows here."

Idaho - "They are just like one big family over there. It's a nice place."

Reffett doesn't want to drag out the recruiting process. "It's going to be tough, actually. I plan on verbally committing somewhere by November. It won't be too long."

One thing Jordan is going to do soon is head to Seattle for some birthday fun. "I'm going to the U-Dub-Michigan game," he said. "My birthday is on the 9th, so I'm going to bring some buddies with me and watch the game on the 8th and then celebrate the next day. I also want to go to the Civil War game (Oregon vs. OSU). That one is going to be an awesome game."

While the recruiting attention is flattering to Jordan, he's got a big game coming up on Friday. Moses Lake's first opponent is the Kamiakin Braves, and Reffett is fired up about this one.

"I can't wait to see Scott Davis," Jordan said of the Kamiakin tailback/linebacker that is also receiving some serious recruiting attention. "I've been playing against him since the 10th grade. He's a big time running back, and we're both being recruited by some of the same schools. He's a good guy."

Reffett has big goals for himself and his team this fall. "Our team goal is to win the Big-9 this year. I think we can make it to the state playoffs. Personally I want to be Big-9 MVP and also All-State. I'm reaching for the stars this year."
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