Scrempos Looking to Grow at UW

At 6-foot-6 and 260 pounds, Jason Scrempos would be considered a big man in almost any circle. But the Washington Huskies want him bigger. How big? The Milpitas, Calif. native gave us the lowdown on his eating regimen, as well as what he’s looking forward to in a month’s time.

“I know they want me bigger,” Scrempos told this week with a chuckle. “They want me pretty big. They keep telling me to eat and stuff.”

And his food of choice? Spaghetti, and meat loaf - sometimes together!

“They think I can hit the weight room a lot more and be a lot more physical and stronger than I am right now,” added Scrempos. “I’m looking forward to that and curious to see what transformations will come.”

With Scrempos putting on pounds, it’s conceivable his future position on defense could change. “They are looking at me at end right now,” he said. “They have to see where my weight goes; if it shoots way up to like 300 or something crazy they’ll put me inside more. But if I stay and gain like 20 pounds they might still keep me on the edge.”

He added that the coaches want him ideally at 280 pounds when they are done putting the weight on him.

Putting on weight is the main thing Scrempos is working on now. As far as the rest of his college preparations, it’s simply a matter of being ready to board a plane June 27th in time for Washington’s LEAP program. “It’s been less stressful,” he said when asked how life has been since he signed his letter of intent with the Huskies back in February. “Just good to know that I’ll be up there soon. Getting used to everything up there is going to be a little different but I think it’ll be good. The competitiveness and being away from home and being on my own. It’ll be different but it’ll be good for me too.

“I’m excited for school, honestly. It’s going to be a lot of fun. And meeting a bunch of new people, it’s going to be great for me. I’ve lived here for 18 years and I’m excited to get out of here and see the world.”

On the football field, Scrempos is getting himself as ready as he can while one eye is also fixed on the future. “I’m probably going to end up redshirting but they’ve told me to always come into it wanting to play,” he said. “Whatever happens happens, and whatever they say I’ll work hard at it. Whatever they think is best for me.”

Scrempos may have one small advantage the other true freshmen don’t; redshirt frosh defensive lineman Vita Vea is also a Milpitas grad, and he’s been giving Scrempos some first-hand thoughts on what to expect at UW. “(Vea) said it’s a grind for sure,” said Scrempos. “Just have to work real hard when you get up there and don’t ever stop. They have great things going up there - that’s what he’s been saying so far.”

Does Jason keep in touch with any other future teammates? “I know Bryce Sterk, we’ve been talking a little bit, getting to know each other,” he said. “We’re talking about rooming together, pretty basic talk.”

Scrempos said he is planning to have a going away party in the next week or so, then will go to Seattle for the LEAP, then head back home for a couple of weeks before fall camp begins in August.

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