UCLA after an unofficial visit, but the prepster from Clover Park is starting to rethink just how committed his is right now."> UCLA after an unofficial visit, but the prepster from Clover Park is starting to rethink just how committed his is right now.">

TB Shelton Sampson Update

<b>Shelton Sampson</b> has been the talk of the recruiting circuit ever since the 5'10", 180-pound tailback decided to verbally commit to <b>UCLA</b> after an unofficial visit, but the prepster from Clover Park is starting to rethink just how committed his is right now.

"I'm still committed to UCLA, but I just want to make sure I'm making the right decision," Sampson told Dawgman.com.

The three schools Shelton is still looking at with interest are UCLA, Notre Dame and Washington. "I'm really doing a lot of research right now and all three schools are great academically. But if for some reason I change to a different school, it will be for the right reasons."

Sampson is finding the recruiting process to be a little less strenuous than he was told it might be. "Well, it hasn't been as hectic as I've heard it was going to be, but it's still early in the month," he said.

One thing that is true is that all three of his potential suitors are working the phone line over at the Sampson home to make sure Shelton is feeling the love.

"Coach Neuheisel from Washington called on the 1st," said Sampson. "He was the first one I talked with although I found out that UCLA tried to call me earlier."

Neuheisel talked to Sampson about a couple of different things. "He just told me about their facilities and how he would love to utilize me as a back in their offense. It was great talking to him."

Who called for the Bruins? "Coach Toledo and Coach Weber called," Shelton said. "Coach Weber talked to me about their school and my commitment. Then Coach Boberly called from Notre Dame. He talked to me about Coach Davie and how things are going really well for them right now. He said that they would love for me to wear the gold helmet and that Notre Dame is the school for me."

There were definite concerns from the Bruin coaches about Shelton possibly backing out of his verbal commitment, and Sampson was glad to get the chance to make sure they knew where he currently stood.

"Well, Coach Weber said that he saw stuff on the Internet about me and Notre Dame and I told him that I just need to make sure that the decision I've made is the right one," said Sampson. "I'm starting to look at graduation rates and things like that."

The three schools mentioned above will all get trips, and maybe even two more. "I'm going to take at least 3 of my 5 visits for sure. I'm also looking at taking visits to Oregon and Stanford too.

He has scheduled a trip to South Bend for December.

Sampson is looking at this from all angles before he decides to either keep or rescind his UCLA pledge. "I know that my family would love for me to stay close and go to a school like UCLA or Washington, but then again, they know that I can't pass up an opportunity to play for a prestigious school like Notre Dame either. They will support any decision I make."

With all this recruiting attention swirling around, it might be easy for Sampson to lose focus on what's in front of him, but Shelton is very determined to make sure he takes care of business on the gridiron before all of the recruiting turns play out.

"We play Kennedy," he said, which happens to be Husky receiver Paul Arnold's alma mater. "I don't know that much about them, but I have seen some film and my Dad found some stuff on the Internet about them too. They look like a pretty good team to me."

Sampson is hoping to focus mainly on the tailback position this season. "I'll probably be playing more running back than DB. We've got a couple of good DB's out there this year," said Sampson.

With his 4.39 40, it's clear that Shelton has the wheels to be a difference-maker out on the football field. We'll be in touch with him later in the season for an update.

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