Up Close with Noah Dickerson

From Atlanta, Georgia, via the Montverde Academy in Florida, Noah Dickerson came to find out that the third commitment was the charm. Last Thursday the 6-foot-8, 230-pound center verbally pledged his college career to Lorenzo Romar and the Washington Huskies.

Dawgman.com spoke Monday with Dickerson, who gave us the lowdown on his commitment, as well as a scouting report on what Washington fans can expect from him starting this fall.

On his original commitment to Georgetown - “It was a quick decision. It was just quick. I didn’t get a whole grasp of it and didn’t look anywhere. I didn’t look at my options; it was a really quick decision. I just needed a chance to step back and take a look at everything again.”

And the commitment to Florida? - “Big reason is because Coach (Billy) Donavan had departed. Him and the whole coaching staff, and that was a huge reason why I was going there.”

What did you learn from both cases? - “It’s better to take your time and be slow and methodical with things and think things out properly. Don’t rush. Stay calm and collected and take your time.”

You took an unofficial visit to UW before…when was that? - “It was sometime over last summer. I actually went up there for a skills academy, the Tony Wroten Skills Academy. While I was there I visited the school. My Mom unfortunately didn’t come up there with me over the summer. I remember everything. I really liked the campus when I went up there the first time. I basically knew where things were. (The official visit) was for my Mom; she had never seen it. It was really a chance for my Mom to go up there and see it.”

When you de-committed from Florida, what happened next? - “I got my release and left it alone for a couple days. Coaches needed my release to talk to me so they were calling people around me, like my coaches. After a couple days I asked my coaches which colleges had called them and I just took it from there.”

How did you come in contact with Coach Romar and Coach Chillious? - “I think they saw me play for the first time my junior year during EYBL season, so that was my first contact with them.”

How is your relationship with Coach Romar? - “Coach Romar…I love Coach Romar. He’s a great guy. There have been times where I’ve called him and been on the phone with him for hours. I think we have a tight-knit, close relationship. That’s something I want with my head coach.”

Do you know anyone in Seattle or on the team? - “I met the guys. I know most of the incoming freshmen. I know Dejounte (Murray). I know David (Crisp). I’m really good friends with him. I’m pretty familiar with the guys.”

Did the youth movement at UW play a part in your decision at all? - “Not really. No.”

So what were the things that factored into your decision? When did it come to you that UW was the place for you? - “I went back up there and got off the plane…I fell in love with the city when I went up there the first time and I got off the plane and saw the city again and I fell in love all over again.”

What was Coach Romar’s reaction when you committed? - “At first he didn’t think I was serious. He kept asking me so many times…’Are you being serious? Are you sure? I’m just making sure’. He was really ecstatic, he was really excited.”

How does Mom feel about this decision? - “She’s okay with it. She came out here and she saw what I saw the first time and she thought I made the right decision.”

What is the scouting report on Noah Dickerson? - “I’m a good all-around player. I like to play in the post…much improved jump shot. Consistently I can shoot to the mid-range. The three ball? It’s alright, it’s coming. I’m not selfish. I like to rebound. I play defense. I’m a scrappy man; I like to dive for the ball, take charges. And I like to win.”

How are the coaches planning to use you? - “They would use me as an inside-out guy that will cause matchup problems. That’s the way I would like to be used, because I can post up, I can also be on the perimeter a little bit. I can cause matchup problems.”

When do you come up to Seattle? - “For summer school - June 29th (LEAP).”

What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to when you come back to Seattle? - “Getting back in the gym.”

Any message for Husky fans? - “Get ready.”

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