Scott Peck Making Waves

It’s tough for players from the Greater Spokane League sometimes. Being on the other side of the state, they toil in relative obscurity in comparison to their western Washington brethren. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t talent over there. Take, for instance, Scott Peck.

“Eastern Washington doesn’t get a whole lot of love, so we’ve got to rep it when we come over here to Seattle,” the 6-6.5, 290-pound offensive lineman from Central Valley told after the Northwest Elite Football Camp, held last weekend in Lynnwood. “I feel like there is a strong importance for us to show that Spokane is more than what people think.”

And how did Peck feel about his MVP performance? “It feels amazing,” he said. “A lot of diversity out here. A lot of the camps I’ve been to have just been around Spokane, so it makes me a lot better to see the bigger, stronger, quicker guys. It makes them better too.”

Peck went to Washington’s Rising Stars camp Saturday. He will go to Boise State’s camp the following weekend, then will head to Eugene, Ore. for the Nike camp. The week after that is an Oregon team camp and a camp at Montana.

Peck claims scholarship offers from Hawaii, Army, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Washington State, with Boise State, Oregon, Utah and Washington State showing him the most love at the moment.

“I want to build a family wherever I go,” Peck said of his eventual college choice. “I just want to be able to have a brotherhood with the guys I play with.” Top Stories