Connor Wedington Visits Chris Petersen

Connor Wedington is a 6-foot, 180-pound 2017 athlete from Sumner, and while a lot of his buddies have taken summer jobs to make ends meet, Wedington is putting in his own kind of work - the kind that will hopefully pay off with him going to his college of choice in two years.

“June was definitely packed,” Wedington said after a standout performance at the recent Rough Diamonds Showcase at Interlake High School. “It’s football every single day. The thing with me, I don’t give myself any rest. I want to keep working and being the best I can be. I’m going to try and get to as many camps as I can in July.”

For other prospects, Rough Diamonds was the end of a grueling June that means a months of rest and recuperation before putting the pads back on for another season of high school football. For Wedington, July could be almost as busy as June.

“I’m going to try and make the Northwest 9,” he said. “I’m going to hit Eastern’s receiver/DB camp. And Colorado State is having one in July.”

And on top of all that, Wedington is trying to bulk up by 10 pounds for the beginning of the summer. His Dad is 5-foot-10, but brother is 6-foot-1, so he might still have a growth spurt in him.

Compared to the recent Northwest Elite Football Camp, which had coaches from up and down the west coach and beyond in attendance coaching and evaluating talent in front of hundreds of prospects, Rough Diamonds touted lower numbers and more reps for the coaches that took time to show up. Wedington loved both camps.

“(Rough Diamonds) was great because that just means more evaluation for the coaches,” he said. “Northwest Elite is a great camp, but there’s 800 kids there. I like getting in front of these coaches because I email a lot of them, and they’ll get back to (Sumner) coach (Keith) Ross, and that’s how we speak. Or maybe they come down to school. They’ll always say, we need to see you live. And I tell them that I love going in front of them, it just gets me hyped up. It was a good day today. It was a good day competing.”

Earlier, Wedington received the news he was waiting to hear; he had earned his first scholarship offer. It came from Eastern Washington. “I went up there for their one-day pad camp, and I think that’s where things escalated,” he said. “It’s a great offer. I love Eastern. I love the red turf. Their coaching staff is so like a family there, and that’s what I love. They are top in Big Sky; they’ve won multiple Big Sky championships.”

A couple weeks later, Wedington was at Rough Diamonds and the Eagles had coaches there, watching. “I knew I had to stand out, but I know I can step to the level to play,” he said. “The relationship I have with them is great.”

What was the general feedback he received from coaches after the camp? “A lot of them want to see me with my pads,” Wedington said. “They all said to keep in contact and make sure I send them my film. A lot of them said they’ll keep in contact with me.”

BYU, Portland State, and Hawaii were just a handful of the colleges that spoke with Wedington after his Rough Diamonds workout.

Wedington also attended Washington’s second Rising Stars camp June 20th. “It was great,” he said. “Definitely a lot of running backs, a lot of competition. It was great working with coach (Keith) Bhonapha, and him seeing me live in the drills. I’m going to keep working on the drills he told me to work on. It was great going up there and competing with everybody.”

How was it working with Bhonapha? “Our relationship is great,” said Wedington. “I like who he is, and I’m pretty sure he likes who I am too. Their philosophy up there is outstanding. I love how they do their thing. They have that ‘OKG’, and I feel like I’m one of their guys. But I’m ready to play anywhere; any coach, college - I’m not picky at all.”

When Wedington was done with the Rising Stars camp, he had a special surprise waiting for him. The coaches asked him up to their offices to he could talk with UW Head Coach Chris Petersen. “Nerve-wracking,” Wedington said of the walk into Pete’s office. “When you’re going into coach Petersen’s office, it’s definitely not just going to be a calm thing. But I definitely knew that meant the hard work is paying off. That made our relationship that much stronger. I’m excited to bond with them and keep building on our relationship. We’re going to go down to the practices in August and also go to the games. I’m going to try and get to as many as I can.”

One thing is clear; Connor Wedington isn’t about to slow down now - especially since his efforts are starting to bear fruit. “The offers might come, and I’m hoping they do,” he said. “The hard work is definitely getting put in. We’ll see.”

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