Dawgman At The Opening: David Long

BEAVERTON, Ore. - Dawgman's Kim Grinolds was at the scene Wednesday as the country's top football players took part in the SPARQ Rating Championship. One of those participants was David Long, a 5-foot-10, 176-pound defensive back from Loyola High School in Los Angeles. And he had on a UW top, so Grinolds had to ask him about that, and some other things too.

On wearing U-Dub gear at The Opening - “I’ve had this jacket for a while. They were my first unofficial visit after the season, so that’s a school I really like.”

On the competition at The Opening - “The competition is good. I think I did alright for the day. I’d like to see myself do a little bit better. Just mainly trying to get adjusted to tomorrow so I can help the team out; I’ll be moving around, probably a little bit of nickel, corner…so just trying to get my hips moving and fluid for tomorrow.”

Is it different going up against so many good guys? - “I always have my game face on, but definitely I’ve seen some stuff happen where you had to remind yourself where you’re at. You’ve just got to make adjustments as the game goes on. Guys are definitely a little bit faster, a little bit quicker - but you’ve got to move your hips a little bit more. These were some of the adjustments that I was making today so I hit the ground running tomorrow.”

On recruiting - “I went to Stanford a few weeks ago - probably about a month ago now. I really liked that. I’m trying to get to Oregon and possibly Michigan and Notre Dame. Those are the schools I want to see before a commitment or anything.”

Make a decision before the season or after? - “I was planning on making it this summer. The next four weeks I was planning on making a commitment. But if I don’t get to see these schools or I don’t see everything I want to see, I don’t want to rush anything. I’ll definitely commit before Signing Day, but I plan to commit before the season.”

Any schools or coaches jumping out? - “Stanford’s been on me every day. Washington, Michigan, Notre Dame - they’ve been out there. Local schools - obviously USC, UCLA - they’ve been on me.”

Who is recruiting you for Washington? - “Everyone. Coach Petersen, Coach Pease, and Coach Lake.”

Have family up there or know anyone on the team? - “I don’t know anyone on the team necessarily, but I’ve been up there three times. It’s a really good deal, I love the city. I love the coaches, I love what they’re doing up there with the locker room and the players they are bringing in. It’s a really good deal.”

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