Camilo Eifler Goes To The Dawgs

BEAVERTON, Ore. - There are a lot of Washington ties when it comes to Camilo Eifler, and all those ties came together Thursday night when the 6-0.5, 214-pound linebacker verbally committed to the Huskies on national television.

"I'm proud to announce that I'm committing to the University of Washington,” Camilo Eifler said live on ESPNU during The Opening, choosing Washington over schools like Oregon, UCLA, California, and Texas A&M.

One of the biggest ties Eifler had to UW was that it had the kind of experience, both athletically and academically, that he was looking for.

“The mix of academic excellence and football, which a lot of programs don’t have, excluding the Stanfords, the Dukes, the Notre Dames, Vanderbilt,” Eifler, said. “A lot of schools don’t have it in the Pac-12, a very competitive conference. And they have a city to back it up too.”

Eifler also has strong ties with the Washington coaching staff. “Definitely Coach (Bob) Gregory,” he said. “Coach Gregory and Coach Pete (Chris Petersen) have definitely been hitting me up on a daily, just checking in and wanting to know more about me, more about my family. That’s been key to my recruitment.”

One of the other connections key to Eifler’s recruitment to Montlake was the current players. He knows Kevin King, another O’Dowd product, as well as Sidney Jones, Brian Clay - as well as recent star Shaq Thompson, now playing with the Carolina Panthers.

“I’m happy that he’s like an older brother to me,” Eifler said of King, now a junior cornerback with the Huskies. “He treats me with a lot of respect.”

Eifler’s commitment was one of a number of players that made their pledges public during The Opening, the top 7-7 and OL/DL summer competition in the country. “I’m enjoying my time out here at The Opening, competing with the best athletes in the country,” he said. “I’m enjoying my time here, playing at the Nike Headquarters.”

During the SPARQ Rating Championship, Eifler didn’t make the final 11, but did post a top-30 number. “I got a 120 overall, 120.6, I think,” he said. “I ran my fastest 40 time, it was a 4.6. I jumped a 41-inch vert, which is pretty cool. And then I had a 41-foot powerball. My agility was a 4.5, which was a little slow. I can work on that in the off-season.”

With ESPNU covering the whole event, Eifler felt like the time was right to let the world know he’s going to be a Husky. “It was a whole package deal with my coach (former Washington running back and current O’Dowd Head Coach Napoleon Kaufman) and my parents, just to get it over with,” he said of the timing of his announcement. “They were kind of tired of going on visits. They respected it, and I figured this was the biggest media exposure I was going to get, so…”

Despite Eifler’s family’s connection to California - his mother is a professor and his father works in the architectural library - Eifler eventually decided to go a different route, and with his parents’ blessing.

“They feel pretty good,” he said. “They are supporting me regardless where I go. They are definitely excited with this commitment.”

Eifler commits to Washington at a time where rates him a four-star linebacker, the fourth-best ‘backer in California and the ninth-best outside linebacker in the country, 108th overall regardless of position. He’ll be traveling to Montlake carrying a lot of credibility, but he also knows that nothing will be given to him once he shows up on campus.

“You’ve got to compete all the time,” he said. “It’s not going to be given to you. The easiest thing is for four-star and five-star commits to come in and think they are automatically going to get some time, but you have to earn it.”

Any last words from Camilo?

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