Hunter Eckstrom Looking For Offers

Hunter Eckstrom is a 5-foot-11, 185-pound receiver prospect from Lake Stevens, Wash., and if it weren’t for his quarterback there’s a good chance recruitniks would be talking about Eckstrom as the most recruitable Viking for 2016. But when your signal-caller is Jacob Eason, you tend to take a back seat.

“We have good chemistry,” Eckstrom said of Eason during the recent Rough Diamonds camp at Interlake High School. “I just run around with the simple routes we run at our school. He makes it easy; he just puts the ball on the spot and I have to run my routes. That’s all it is.

“It’s just easy.”

Eckstrom had the benefit of Eason’s throws to work with during Rough Diamonds, and the results were obvious to all; Eckstrom is one of the best receivers in the region. And he hasn’t shied away from the challenge of earning big offers despite not being a big receiver - something that is definitely in vogue these days.

“The summer has gone good,” Eckstrom said when asked about camps. “I started out going to U-Dub’s camp. It was good, I got a lot of competition up there. I got to talk to some coaches, it was fun. Next, I went down to Oregon State. It was pretty good. Coming from Washington, they didn’t know me but I went there and did pretty good. I got in the elite group and had fun with them. Then I went to Washington State, which I did pretty good. I got to have good contact with the coaches, had a great time. I’m hoping to hear some feedback from them. Then I did this camp and Northwest Elite, which I got MVP, so that was fun too.”

With Northwest Elite and Rough Diamonds being arguably the two most-important Washington-based camps, what did Eckstrom think of them? “There were like what? Eight hundred, seven hundred kids at the Northwest Elite?,” he said. “(Rough Diamonds) was a lot cleaner. The lines are a little bit long still, but it was still fun - a lot of reps, a lot of good looks with smaller schools that are more realistic with some kids. But it was great, I had a good time, and it was very well put together.”

Washington State, Weber State, Washington, Oregon State, Portland State, Eastern Washington and Boise State are all knocking on Eckstrom’s door right now, but none have entered with a scholarship in hand. “I’m not really of high interest to anyone yet, but I’m liking Washington State the best right now,” he said of the Cougars. “I like the atmosphere there. I like the way the offense is going. They throw the ball 80 times a game, and it’s great. I love it there. But I’m also liking Washington a lot, so we’ll see.”

Eckstrom also talked about his time at Washington’s Rising Stars camp at the beginning of June. “Coach (Brent) Pease is a fun guy,” said Eckstrom. “He likes to be sarcastic. He likes to have fun with the players, and I love that. At the camp it was just great competition. There were a couple guys up from California that were working out. I’m not used to those west coast California guys, so it was good competition. The drills went great. I had a great time there, and the coaches are fun guys. They like to have fun, which is good.”

Eckstrom definitely admitted to having a strong comfort level with the Huskies. One of his Lake Stevens teammates, Josh Rasmussen, is walking on this fall. “Washington is one of my dream schools,” he said. “I’ve always loved Washington. I’ve been a Husky my whole life and it’s great to have some friends going there, plus Coach Rich (Rich Rasmussen) is there too. It’s great.”

But the sixty-four dollar question still remains; what is it going to take for Eckstrom to earn that first coveted scholarship offer? “What it’s going to take from me as a player is to put up good test scores,” he said. “I’ve got to get good grades. And the first three games of my senior season I’ve got to put up some good numbers. I’ve got to try to get over 1000 yards receiving; that’s what it’s going to take for me to stand out in WesCo. And then moving into the playoffs and being a state standout. I think that’s what it’s going to take.” Top Stories