ATH Dash Crutchley Update

Dashel Crutchley is a 6-6 215-pound newcomer to football. With 4.6 speed, the Chapparal High School athlete is drawing attention from recruiters despite his lack of experience on the field.

Chapparal High is in Temecula, California, and it's where Crutchley stars as a wide receiver, safety, and kicker.

The kicking comes from his soccer experience, which is significantly more than his football background. "Dash", the name his friends call him, attended the UCLA camp this summer to pick up some more football techniques. With only one year of football experience, his progress has been outstanding.

"I just kicked for my sophomore year and we made it to the playoffs. We wound up losing and I was a non-factor in the game, so I told my coach that I'd play the next year. I went through summer ball and when the season came around I didn't run very crisp routes. But as the season progressed I got better," said Crutchley.

He improved enough to have made 57 receptions for 914 yards last year.

"I'm mostly being recruited as a receiver. I'll also try safety this year."

At his height, Crutchley obviously loves the fade pattern. "I like the high balls, fades, and I like to run slants as well."

Dash enjoys football and looks forward to his senior year. "You can do everything that you can't do in soccer. It's a sport where everyone depends on everyone else, it's truly a team sport in that way," said Crutchley.

He received one phone call over the weekend. "I got a call from Rick Neuheisel. Unfortunately I wasn't able to speak to him because I was at a soccer camp. We keep missing each other. I tried to call him in August but he was at camp at Evergreen College."

Oregon State phoned in May and sent him a letter to offer a scholarship. University of Texas at El Paso is also recruiting him hard right now. Washington is very interested, which explains why Neuheisel is the one calling him. Top Stories