Jontay Porter Talks About UW Commitment

With eight children, talk around the Michael Porter, Sr. dinner table is always lively. But second-oldest son Jontay pushed the stakes up even higher Sunday as he announced his verbal commitment to play basketball at Washington. Jontay Porter is a 2018 6-foot-10, 215-pound sophomore prospect from Father Tolton Regional Catholic High School in Columbia, Missouri.

“I’ve been praying about it a long time,” Porter told Sunday night. “I just actually got back from Colorado on this trip, just hiking in the mountains. I had a lot of time to think up there. I decided today that no other place can give me what Lorenzo can give me. I have no idea if they are lying or anything - different coaches will lie about what they’ll give me - but I have a personal relationship with Lorenzo and he would never lie about what I will get there. And I like what I’ll get there.”

Porter, considered one of the top prospects nationally for the 2018 class, told’s Director of Basketball Recruiting’s Evan Daniels that he’s been taught to play a certain way from his father - now in his third season as an assistant coach for the Missouri Women’s Basketball Team.

“If I get a rebound I like to push it,” Jontay said, elaborating some more on the way he was taught to play. “If someone is ahead of me I’ll for sure pass it, but if I get a rebound I usually push it by myself unless a point guard is ahead of me. Lorenzo’s committed to me that that’s what will be available to me. I’ll be able to play my game the way I’ve learned, and that’s what I really like about this.

“I’ve been told I’m a pretty good defender. I’m a shot blocker. I can hit the knock-down three, pick-and-pop - that kind of stuff. My mid-range game is there. I’m working on my back-to-post game. It’s alright, I guess.”

Porter added that he’s a strong rebounder, averaging 10 to 15 boards a game.

What was the reaction of Jontay’s parents when he told them he was committing to Washington over two years before he could sign a letter of intent? “My Dad, he was pretty happy,” the younger Porter said. “He’s conveyed from the beginning he’d be happy if I went to Washington. I know that he was excited. My Mom, she’s conveyed that she’s okay with the decision. She wasn’t as happy because of how far I’ll be. She was still okay with everything I had to say.”

There’s a chance both Porters will make it to Tony Wroten’s Skills Academy in Seattle, but it’s not set in stone quite yet. “I know we’ve been invited, but I don’t know if we can make it out yet or not,” Jontay said. “It’s still a decision to be made.”

The younger Porter doesn’t know anyone on the current Washington team, save a couple online conversations with true freshman Dejounte Murray, but that hasn’t stopped Jontay from already stumping for his future team on the recruiting circuit.

“I’ve already talked to a few guys about (going to Washington),” he sai. “I’ve already talked to Trae Young, Michael Porter, and one of my (MoKan Elite 16u) teammates a little bit too. His name is Jared Ridder.”

And yes, it’s that Michael Porter - his older brother.

“He’s basically a pure scorer,” Jontay said when asked to critique big brother’s game. “That’s what he does, scoring. He’s probably the best high school scorer I’ve ever seen. He can virtually score at any place on the floor. He can shoot threes, pull-up jumpers…back to the basket, even. It’s really fun watching him play.”

Is there anything Jontay is better at on the floor compared to Michael? “I’d say defense for sure, and passing I’m better at maybe,” he said. “Not offensively, no.”

And what about a scouting report on Trae Young? “He’s almost the same way. I compare him to Steph Curry all the time. He’s probably one of the best shooters in high school. He can pull up from anywhere on the floor inside half court. He’s just a pure point guard; he passes well, he dribbles well, he does everything pretty well.” Top Stories