Ranking Freshman Playing Time

Eight true freshmen played for Washington in 2014: Budda Baker, Will Dissly, Darren Gardenhire, Naijiel Hale, Sidney Jones, Brayden Lenius, Dante Pettis, and Tristan Viscaino. Chris Petersen has hinted that there may be as many 2015 true freshmen that contribute. Who might they be?

We ran through each true freshman, in descending order, based on the likelihood that they’ll play this coming fall - and here are the results.

22. Andre Baccellia (5-9, 165, Fr.) - The clearest redshirt candidate based on his senior injury, the need to put on good weight, and also how the other receivers are poised to pounce on opportunities to play
21. Jared Hilbers (6-6, 279, Fr.) - Hilbers has been seen as an offensive lineman with nothing but upside, and that upside has to be developed his first year so he can get bigger, faster, and stronger.
20. Henry Roberts (6-6, 280, Fr.) - The same plan for Hilbers also goes for Roberts, who is right now projected as an interior player. With the number of interior linemen already on roster, there’s no need for Roberts to burn his redshirt.
19. Ben Burr-Kirven (6-1, 202) - Burr-Kirven played his high school ball in the middle of the action, and he could get away with that at 200 pounds. He can’t perform that same role at 200 pounds in college. He needs at least a year to get bigger.
18. D.J. Beavers (6-0, 202) - Beavers is in the same spot as Ben Burr-Kirven. Physically they just aren’t at the spot they need to be in order to handle the rigors of a Pac-12 season.
17. Bryce Sterk (6-4, 229, Fr.) - Depending on if Sterk is used as an outside linebacker/BUCK or defensive end, the Lynden native will also need a year in the weight room. The coaches will then know how much weight he can put on while still keeping his above-average athleticism intact.
16. Mike Neal (6-4, 219, Fr.) - Neal is probably big enough to be used in 2015 much in the same way Lenius was used, but tight end is one of the few positions on the team so stacked with quality talent across the board the Huskies can redshirt Neal with no problems whatsoever.
15. Jordan Miller (6-1, 164) - There should be enough cornerbacks available this fall for Miller to keep his redshirt on. At 164 pounds, there’s no question he needs time to physically develop as well.
14. Tevis Bartlett (6-2, 218) - The Wyoming native has a chance to play in 2015, but it’s a reasonably small one. He’s got good size, a wrestler’s work ethic and leadership skills that could come in handy.
13. Ricky McCoy (6-3, 294, Fr.) - There’s a few big men in front of McCoy; Elijah Qualls, Greg Gaines, Vita Vea, Tani Tupou - so there’s a good chance McCoy keeps his redshirt on.
12. Jusstis Warren (6-2, 226, Fr.) - Warren is a lot bigger than 226 now; he’s much closer to 240. As such, he’s going to give BUCK a shot. He’s physically ready for sure, but will he be up to speed with the playbook?
11. Trey Adams (6-8, 283, Fr.) - Chris Petersen has never started a true freshman offensive lineman, and that streak should stay intact this fall. Adams has the physical attributes to play, but it would be difficult to ask a true frosh offensive lineman to play without a reasonable amount of preparation.
10. Devin Burleson (6-7, 302 Fr.) - The same that can be said of Trey Adams can also be said of Devin Burleson, but the odds of Washington using Burleson are slightly higher than Adams simply because Burleson participated in spring football.
9. Jason Scrempos (6-6, 252, Fr.) - Scrempos is another body that physically is ready to go, but will he be able to tackle the playbook during fall camp to where he can be counted on as quality depth? It’s 50/50 and pick ‘em at this point.
8. Jake Browning (6-2, 205, Fr.) - Now we’re starting to get to the part of the list where true freshmen playing is a real consideration. And of all the frosh that could play, Browning should be the last one considered. It will be a mini coup if Washington can go all season with just two quarterbacks.
7. Quinten Pounds (5-11, 166, Fr.) - The receiver position is the one group where true freshmen are definitely going to play. At this stage it’s a crap shoot as to which players play, but an educated guess has Pounds slightly behind Isaiah Renfro and Chico McClatcher.
6. Myles Gaskin (5-9, 195, Fr.) - Running back is full on numbers, but can Gaskin be held back? Physically he’s got the size to compete now and he could also be used on special teams.
5. Benning Potoae (6-3, 265, Fr.) - When you lose an entire defensive line to graduation, you look for impact players regardless of class to fill the gaps. Benning could definitely fill a need for UW defensively.
4. Austin Joyner (5-10, 192) - Early word is that the coaches love Joyner’s potential, and he could challenge the current cornerbacks. Joyner has always possessed a wealth of raw talent, and he may make it very hard for the coaches to keep him off the field in 2015.
3. Kyler Manu (6-1, 224, Fr.) - There’s two main reasons why Manu is listed so high on this list; 1) He competed in spring football, putting him ahead of the other linebackers in the 2015 class, and 2) With Drew Lewis’s dismissal that puts Manu front and center as a ‘backer ready to step up and play right now.
2. Isaiah Renfro (6-1, 185 Fr.) - Renfro has a chance to be this year’s Dante Pettis, good for near 20 catches for 250 yards or so and a couple touchdowns - just good enough to create a springboard to really take off in 2016.
1. Chico McClatcher (5-8, 180, Fr.) - One thing we’ve always known about McClatcher; he is electric. With John Ross out for the year, the Huskies need big-play players in the worst way. The converted running back from Federal Way is now big enough to handle Pac-12 punishment from the start, and he can also do damage at kickoff return like Ross.

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