ATH Idris Moss Update

<b>Idris Moss</b> is one of the most versatile recruits on the west coast this year. At 5-11 and 170 pounds, Moss runs the offensive show for Eisenhower high school, current Husky linebacker Sam Blanche's former school.

Moss attended the USC summer camp as well as the Nike camp in southern California and feels he's made improvements. "My 40 is down to 4.49 now. I've been working hard in the weight room and on my game. I've been working hard on playing defense so I can help the team more," said Moss.

"I'm already established at quarterback, now I'm working on my defensive technique. It also helps me as a quarterback. I can read the quarterback's eyes and I can see what he's thinking."

Nebraska, ASU, UCLA, Alabama, and California all called him last weekend. "I talked to Cal and UCLA but I was out when the others called. My mom talked to them," said Moss.

He has scholarship offers from ASU, UCLA, Wisconsin, and UW. He plans on visiting all four of those schools. "I'm looking for a place where I can fit in. I'm a west coast kid and have lived in California all my life. I want a good campus setting and a good football tradition."

He also has no intention of redshirting.

"I want to make an immediate impact when I go to college. By the time my senior season is over until the day I enroll in college, I'm going to work hard to be ready. I'm very serious about taking my game to the next level. I want to play as a true freshman."

He is unsure of where he'll play in college, but it's not a concern of his right now. "I'll go in as an athlete." He believes he could play quarterback, defensive back, or wide receiver.

"I'll make plays for you. I think I'm very versatile."

When asked if he had the opportunity to get into any of those lines which one he would choose, Moss thinks long and hard before answering.

"That's a good question. I really can't say right now because the season hasn't started. I'm kind of feeling all of the positions out right now because I know I'll only play one in college. At the collegiate level, I think I might play either receiver or corner."

Moss has an uncle and some cousins in Seattle. His uncle (Rory Stapleton) played some football for Washington and has been helping him through the process. "I've talked to him a couple of times. He tells me to keep my head through the recruiting process and keep my grades up. He tells me to take time with the decision I'll make and not to be persuaded into doing anything that I don't want to do. He's very supportive of me."

Moss is excited about the upcoming season. His Rialto team is ranked #9 in the country and he's hoping to draw some major recruiters to some of their games. "I haven't heard from the Florida schools yet. After they see the season statistics I think I'll draw more attention from across the nation. I'm on a mission this year."

Rialto opens with Centennial this Friday. Top Stories