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The motley crew that fills this website with commentary throughout the week will bring their prognosticating talents to the table each Friday. Enjoy. Take it with a giant grain of salt and most importantly of all, don't bet anything of value if you plan to use these predictions as a guideline for your weekend trip to Vegas. Bet your Ryan Leaf rookie card instead.

Staff Predictions for Washington vs. Michigan

Derek Johnson, Columnist - It will be overall a very impressive performance by the Dawgs. Washington's defense will be the talk of the boards in the aftermath of this Husky victory. A balanced offensive attack will keep the Wolverine Defense guessing and at times on their heels, but a couple of bone-head Husky mistakes (stemming from Husky youth) will give UM either an easy touchdown or a short field or two to work with, and this alone will make the contest real tight all the way to the finish. Michigan will play a solid game and display their vast talent well, but... Bring on the tailgating, the band, the cool autumnal nip in the air, the smell of hot-dogs... and a Husky victory! I definitely like the Dawgies in this one...

Prediction: Washington 30, Michigan 23
Cam Stevens, Columnist - I really like our chances here. The offense will struggle some, but the balanced approach will work and we'll move the ball on their defense. Our receivers will get open. Even with a new quarterback/fullback exchange, the option should still be there, even if dive handoffs are pre-called so Cody doesn't have to make two reads on a triple. Will Michigan be able to tell the difference since there's little option in the Big Ten these days? The options will cut down on the blitzes and coverage that Cody and Taylor might see, making their job and their line's job easier. And our running backs should be able to gain good yardage if not run it down the Wolverines' throats. John Navarre: Dreadful at UCLA. That's his biggest test to date, and he went 8-28. Their offensive line will struggle with LT, Kai, Marcus, Jerome and friends. Their big running backs are a load, but aren't the type to blow us away with speed. Their receivers might get open, but our DB's can play with them. John Navarre, Welcome To the Jungle, baby! It's gonna bring you down!

Prediction: Washington 27, Michigan 13
Kim Grinolds, Business Operations/ Site Photography - I don't expect this one to be settled until the 4th quarter. Look for both offenses to struggle early and finally be running on all cylinders by the 4th quarter. Kai "The Creature" Ellis will have a phenomenal coming out party.

Prediction: Washington 24, Michigan 17
Rick Samek, Columnist - Both defenses should be ahead of both offenses, and there's a lot of sameness in the matchups. Washington has weapons but might need some time at game speed to figure out how to use them -- Michigan has already been at game speed once. Simply being at noisy, sweet noisy home might mean everything. The game could come down to the Stevens' . . . Washington has two, Michigan has one. Hey, that's good enough for me. Tight, even, entertaining.

Prediction: Washington 23, Michigan 20.
Chris Fetters, Editor-in-chief - You can bank on this like a Mariners away-series win. John Navarre will be asking for special maize and blue earplugs to help the buzzing in his ears after the Husky crowd takes care of him like they did Ken Dorsey. And oh, by the way...Mr. Navarre? You're about to meet guys nicknamed 'The Creature' and 'AK 47', as well as one guy who is going to put the 'Zach Attack' on you and another guy whose first name is Houdini. Unfortunately for the Wolverine offensive attack, the magic won't be on their side. BJ Askew? Meet Larry Tripplett, Marcus Roberson, Jerome Stevens and Terry Johnson, four more guys that will be thrilled to meet you...again and again. It'll be a slow and rough go for new Husky Quarterback Cody Pickett, but he'll calm down, find his stride, and the Washington offensive machine will put the hammer down in the second half, courtesy of Rich Alexis, Reggie Williams and a special shout out to Bill Gillespie.

Prediction: : Washington 21, Michigan 7.
Pat Thrapp, Columnist - So here we are, the beginning of a new football season, and I am excited. I was asked to predict the outcome of Saturday's upcoming game against Michigan. Tall order since I have only seen the team twice since the Rose Bowl. The spring game and a practice scrimmage at Husky stadium this year. Still I like the make up of this team. I hope the D looks like Fresno's did. I hope our #90, the Creature, performs like Fresno's #90. I think the DAWGs have got to stop the run, and force John Navarre to beat us passing. The D needs to give Pickett some nice field position to help him get in the swing of things. I see UW with 6 scoring opportunities. 3 TDs & 3 FGs. I see Michigan with 5 scoring drives. 3 TDs and 2 FGs.

Prediction: Washington 30, Michigan 26. UM misses an extra point.
Joe Kaiser, Staff Reporter - If the Huskies could do it against a top-rated Miami team last season, they can do it again this year against a less-dominating Michigan team. The crowd noise will have a big impact on the game and could cause inexperienced Wolverine quarterback John Navarre to lose his composure at times throughout the game. Michigan will miss the presence of last years' stellar offensive linemen, the leadership at the quarterback position, and the big play ability at tailback and receiver. Look for Washington to attack Navarre with a quick defense, and Larry Tripplett to feast on the young Michigan offensive lineman. Pickett will prove his worth, and the Huskies will win comfortably against a perennial powerhouse.

Prediction: Washington 31, Michigan 17.
Dave Samek, The Dawgman - A faster Husky defense I have yet to see. Randy Hart has a front four that can outrun anyone in the Pac-10. Tim Hundley's front seven of Tripplett, Roberson, Johnson, Ellis, Kelley, Galloway, and Cooper are faster than any Husky defense since 1991. Cooper and Galloway come off the bench but expect them to see a lot of time. On offense, I expect a steady diet of Hurst, Alexis, and high percentage throws to the tight end. I also expect Reggie Williams to make two big catches and Paul Arnold to score one touchdown on a reception. Michigan's linebackers are excellent and Marquise Walker is going to make some catches and perhaps score, but Washington's defense will be too much for the young offensive line of the visitors from Ann Arbor.

Prediction: Washington 23, Michigan 17

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