VIDEO: UW DL Damion Turpin on Day 13

Damion Turpin, a 6-foot-4, 276-pound junior defensive lineman from Compton, California, spoke Thursday to after Day 13 of Washington’s fall camp, held at Husky Stadium. 

On how he fits this year “I feel like I’m getting more into the system, you know, taking the next step trying to work towards being more of a factor for the defensive line. We’re going to be rotating a lot of guys so I’m just trying to fit to the rotation and make an impact on the field.”

On where he is now compared to where he was when he first got here “I feel like I’ve taken really big steps. Starting from my redshirt freshman year when I dropped a lot of weight, I’ve just been trying to get my weight back up, get stronger, get in the weight room, just really improve so I can get my body ready and my conditioning to be that big factor.”

On how far his weight dropped “My redshirt freshman year I dropped to about 240. I was lighter than Jeff Lindquist, so I got that joke all the time. Now I’m feeling good. I’m like 275, closer to 280. So I’m feeling good, feeling stronger. I feel like I can take on blocks better and just be better on the field.”

On what he has improved on most “I feel like the thing I’ve improved on most is more so the techniques of coach Choate, you know, the footwork and getting the footwork for the stunts and stuff. I’m starting to learn how to fit certain gaps and certain leverages on blocks and play the defense so that we can be effective.”

On the change from coach Sarkisian to coach Petersen “I feel like it was more so a mental change rather than a physical change, because the game of football doesn’t change. I think more so the thing that changed was the game plan and the different techniques and once we got the different techniques it just kind of went into playing football overall. I just feel like the transition was more mental, I don’t think it was more physically trying to do different things, it was more so just different techniques and different plays and trying to fit into a different scheme of things.”

On if he thinks he will be part of the rotation “Yeah, I feel like I’m going to be in the rotation. I’m working towards taking steps and taking strides towards being that impact on the field, and whenever I get in just try to make things happen and try to be there for my teammates and get the win.” On the opener all of a sudden being just around the corner “It’s always been real. I feel like we knew what we had before the summer and before all of these things happened, so I feel like it’s been real. We’ve been working hard, just taking steps every day and just trying to get better every day so that we can prepare to be the best team we can be when the game comes.” Top Stories