VIDEO: UW DB Brian Clay on Day 13

Brian Clay, a 6-foot-1, 207-pound senior from Vacaville, California - a former Hawaii transfer - spoke Thursday to after Day 13 of Washington’s Fall Camp, held at Husky Stadium.

On his offseason school work “I did 48 credits this summer worth of work, which is basically a class a week. It’s summer intensive. And then I do two online courses every summer, along with an internship that I’m doing.”

On finishing his summer work “I was finishing up strong. That’s one of our rules around here, finish everything, so (Coach Petersen) wanted to finish that so I can go into the season ready.”

On what he hopes to do after football “Me personally, I want to do Director of Player Personnel one day. So when the game is done with me, that’s the area I’ll get in to.”

On the strong safety competition “I love it. It’s awesome because we have a lot of guys on the back end that can play this year, and no one is really solid back there. Everybody is going to have a shot to play, and we’re definitely all going to. It just brings out the best of us.”

On missing a week of camp “It was hard to be away because my brothers are out here grinding everyday. But I came back in half the day, watched film still and film sessions, but getting back out here is just like riding a bike. Once you get going you get going.” 

On the defensive backs having their feet under them with a year of experience with the coaching staff “Yeah, we definitely have clicked a lot more this year, just for the fact that we have a year with the defense under our belt, we have a year with each other under out belt, and we can a lot more sophisticated in our coverages and our communication and it just makes everything a lot smoother.”

On the defensive backs being the most experienced group “It’s actually really good. Like you said, last year our d-line and linebackers were stout, and we were the young players. We could rely on them a little bit more because we knew they were going to get coverage sacks and stuff like that, but this year we are going to have to hold up our end a lot more. We have a lot of young guys stepping up in our linebackers and d-line, so I still think we are going to be just fine.”

On Badda Baker “Budda (Baker) is a dynamic player. He’s one of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met. He’s out here grinding everyday, and he’s going to have positions either on the offense if they need it and he’s definitely going to play safety for us, and extremely well.

On how it feels to be in a competition for a starting spot “It feels great. I want to leave it all on the field this year, because it is my last season, and just give everything I have because at the end of the day I just want to win ball games.” Top Stories