VIDEO: UW DB Budda Baker on Day 13

Budda Baker, a 5-foot-10, 178-pound sophomore from Bellevue, spoke Thursday to after Day 13 of Washington’s Fall Camp, held at Husky Stadium. 

On Brian Clay “I’ve seen a lot of effort, a lot of grinding to get all of the play calls down. Even though he hasn’t played a lot of safety in games in game or anything I still feel like he’s a veteran because he knows the plays so well. He had his school thing he had to go to and everything and now he’s here, so it’s really good.”

On the competition at the strong safety spot “For me I just see not really any starters yet because coach just switches us around, he even switches me around. So right now its just us coming together more and learning the play book and those types of stuff as well. It’s a big one but (Coach Lake) isn’t really making it seem like it’s a competition right now.”

On if he is interested to see who starts at strong safety “I mean, yeah, but at the end of the day I know i’ll be comfortable with every single one of them. All of them know the play calls and all of them show a lot of effort.”

On the growth of Darren Gardenhire “Last year he didn’t really know a lot of plays, but this year he knows every single plays. He’s really been in the play book, really been asking us who played, really been asking some of the coaches, going with coach lake and learning all of the play calls. So for him, I see a big step taken for him.” Top Stories