VIDEO: UW DL Coach Jeff Choate on Day 13

Washington’s Defensive Line Coach Jeff Choate spoke Thursday to after Day 13 of Washington’s Fall Camp, held at Husky Stadium. 

On the colder weather Thursday “This is Dawg weather, man. Our big guys always love this kind of weather so it was nice for them to have a change.”

On the status of the d-line “I think we’re just going to lay in the weeds. Everybody thinks we don’t have any players left and that’s fine with us. I think we’ve got a group of young guys that’s very, very hungry. They’ve competed extremely well throughout the course of fall camp. I think we’ve got some guys that have established some leadership roles. I’m very pleased with that. I think they understand the standard we want to play at in terms of the energy and the effort, and, just like anybody else at this stage, we’ve got to clean up some details heading into our first couple of games.”

On Benning Potoa’e’s progress “For him, I think it all comes down to not letting his brain get in the way of his body. You know, we’ve got al these young kids that have all these different calls in this whole new language that they have to learn. I think today was one of the first times I’ve seen the game maybe slow down for him a little. You saw him play a little faster and playing with that energy that you were talking about because he’s not thinking quite so much, he can go react and make those plays. That’s a process for all of our young guys, regardless of what side of the ball they are on. We’ve got to make sure they’ve got to learn to crawl before they can walk. Now we are getting Benning to where we can try to loosen a little bit and play with that great energy.”

On the benefits of easing young guys in and not giving them too much to think about “There’s no question. When you’re in a competitive situation for these young guys, we don’t want them thinking. We know they’re going to make some technique errors and we know they are going to make some schematic errors, and that’s okay. What we want them to do is just play with that passion and that effort and that intensity that we loved about them when they were high school players, so, yeah, sometimes we just say ‘hey, go get it.’”

On the physicality of the line “We’re going to have a physical edge to us everyday. We go up there on East Field and we do what we’re going to do over there. We don’t go a day without putting our hands on something or somebody. I think that’s just part of building up those callouses and having that right mind set to play that game in the trenches. I don’t care if we’re in shells, helmets, pads, doesn’t matter. We’re going to have a physical mentality and we are going to build those callouses up so we can go play the right way.”

On following Danny Shelton’s progress in Cleveland “I’ve got actually a couple of really good friends that are on staff out there, so I text back and forth with them periodically. I know they are very, very pleased with what he has been doing, and I think he is as advertised in terms of what they expected out of a first round draft pick.”

On Danny Shelton and the other members of last years d-line “We are excited about the opportunity Danny (Shelton) has, and Andrew Hudson with the Bills, and those guys are all doing a great job. They set a great standard for us year ago and we are excited to have the opportunity to live up to that.”

On go-to Boise restaurants for Husky fans planning to travel to Boise “You’ve got to go to The Tavern out in Southeast Boise, that;s a good little spot, I’ve got a friend that has that place. The Bardenay downtown, that’s a good little spot. If you’re more into the pregame function you’ve got Suds in the endzone right across from the stadium. There’s the Ram right down there. There’s all kinds of fun places you can go. It’s a good little atmosphere.” Top Stories