VIDEO: UW LB Coach Bob Gregory on Day 13

Washington’s Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory spoke Thursday to after Day 13 of Washington’s Fall Camp, held at Husky Stadium. 

On Azeem Victor’s progress from the beginning of fall camp to now “I think he’s making progress. I think the biggest thing with Azeem is just consistency. He just has to keep playing at a high level. He’ll have some pretty good days and days that aren’t quite as good, so if we can get him playing at a high level all the time he has a chance to be a pretty good inside linebacker for us.”

On if Azeem Victor’s role is to replace John Timu “No, we’re trying to make sure the plan for being a relatively new guy and not playing a ton around here, mostly special teams and that kind of deal, we don’t want to throw too much at him. He’s going to be fine, I think he’s doing a good job, we just want to make sure he doesn’t have to do too much like John Timu did a whole bunch for us last year.”

On who is behind Azeem Victor on the depth chart “Well I think we’ve got have a lot of guys who can play in there. I think Sean Constantine is doing very well. I think the next guy that would go in would probably be Scott Lawyer. Connor O’Brien is making progress. Ben Burr-Kirven, a true freshman, is going to be a very good football player. So I think we’ve got some guys in there that are doing really well, and we have more depth than we have in the past.”

On Scott Lawyer and Keishawn Bierria in competition and if they both play inside and outside “Not outside, so they’re both playing the MIK and WIL positions. Scott (Lawyer) is kind of playing both MIK and WIL. Keishawn (Bierria) is kind of a WIL. Azeem (Victor) is kind of a MIK. But Scott (Lawyer) is learning both. Sean Constantine is taking reps at both. So we have some guys we have to cross train a little bit as well.”

On how the importance of the BUCK position influences his coaching “Well I still think it’s all a good thing because we have some guys who can play there. We feel great about how Travis Feeney is doing and Cory Littleton at the SAM position, really similar positions, just on opposite sides. So we think those guys are going to play really well for us this year.”

On true freshman ready to play this year “Well I think Tevis Bartlett, the kid from Cheyenne, Wyoming, is playing well as a freshman. Like I said, Ben Burr-Kirven, he’s more inside playing well. I think Benning Potoa’e is making progress everyday, he’s still got to keep getting better. They’re all freshman, everyday is a new day for those guys.” Top Stories