VIDEO: UW DC Pete Kwiatkowski on Day 13

Washington’s Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski spoke Thursday to after Day 13 of Washington’s Fall Camp, held at Husky Stadium. 

On the evolution of the BUCK position and if he has started to refine what he is looking for in a BUCK linebacker “No, not really. We air marked the guys we thought could play the position and we are in the process of getting those guys as many reps as possible so they’re comfortable with all of the calls. There are some younger guys that are swimming are little bit because we threw a lot at them real fast but we are trying to keep them dialed into base calls so it’s simpler for them. But the older guys are good. Travis (Feeney) and Psalm (Wooching) have had a really good camp.

On how Travis Feeney has picked up the BUCK position “Really well. He didn’t go through spring at all, so all of this was technically new to him. But he’s played a lot of football, he’s played on the edge, so he can take what he did out at SAM and a lot of it transfers over, they’re almost mirror positions. There’s some stuff when he’s at defensive end that’s a little bit different for him, but he’s picked it up and he’s doing pretty good.”

On players that can play multiple position “Some of the younger guys. I think as Tevis Bartlett gets more physically mature he’s a guy that’s going to be able to do that. Benning (Potoa’e) and Jusstis (Warren) are just really focussing on the base, but those are the body types that potentially could do that down the road. We like those long, athletic guys that come off the edge on pass rush and do something in the pass game, like covering flat or hook drop.”

On how the evolution of the guys that will replace last years defensive line “They’re hungry. This is a great opportunity for them to show what they can do. We aren’t going to replace those guys, but they are going to do everything in their power to make a name for themselves and put their product out there on their résumé as far as how they play. I think they’ve had a really good camp. They’re physical, they’re positive, they play with great effort, I think we are going to be fine. Because we are going to be able to rotate so many more guys this year, I just don’t see, unless someone all of a sudden takes off, those big stat numbers like we had last year because those guys had a lot of reps.”

On Joe Mathis “He’s done a really good job this summer. He’s one of those guys that takes playing with energy and that physicality to another level. He’s had a really good camp, and, with him, the sky is the limit.”

On how this defense is different than last year “I think we have more defense in than we did last year. So we will be able to do some different things disguise wise. Who’s coming, who’s not coming, that kind of deal. We will be able to generate pass rush that way if we can’t do it with a four man rush.” Top Stories