Keith Williams On Markelle Fultz’s Kim Grinolds spoke to the trainer of new Washington Basketball commit, 2016 guard Markelle Fultz - Keith Williams. Williams talked about Fultz’s decision, the official visit to Washington, as well as a scouting report on the 6-foot-4, 180-pound Fultz, a top-25 prospect nationally.

How long have you known Markelle? - “I have known his mom since high school and have been training him for nearly 11 years.”

How long have you known Raphael Chillious? - “I’ve know him for years; he’s from the area. He’s from Montgomery County, I’m from Prince Georges County. We’ve crossed paths for many years, known each other a long time.”

Why did he play JV as a sophomore for Dematha? - “Basically it was a good opportunity. He should have probably played varsity, but I think playing JV helped him become a more well-rounded player, become a better leader. When given his opportunity, he jumped on it. I just think he continued to get better; every time the coaches saw him he brought something new to the equation because they had never seen him before. They didn’t know what he could do. And it continued all the way through.”

Scouting Report - “A really smooth athlete. He’s a lot more explosive than he’s given credit for because he is so smooth. He can play on and off the ball. He’s a great passer as well as a great scorer. But most importantly, he’s a great teammate.”

Was distance going to play a factor in his decision? - “His mom and sister did a great job in terms of his foundation. He’s a great kid. I think his Mom, in the end, wanted him to go away so he could grow. Not so much going far away, but just go to grow up. And maybe so she could grow up too. They are really, really tight. Him and his Mom and sister are really, really tight. It’ll be growth for everybody, and he’ll grow even more because he’s going to have to do some things on his own without his Mom or sister - or me, for that matter.

“And I think that’s why he chose Washington, because I think Chill and them represent the same types of things as myself, and I think he’ll trust them. And when Markelle trusts you, you can get so much out of him.”

Did you talk to him after his Washington official visit? - “We talked while he was there. He liked it a lot. He became really fast friends with the Dejounte (Murray). And I think he connected to Will (Conroy) right away.”

Is Fultz a one-and-done player? - “I think he could be a one-and-done, but I don’t think it’s something he’s going to focus on and his mom is going to focus on and I’m going to focus on. Going in, he’s just going to do the best he can, but I think with the way hype machine works - he’s already considered that. So if he puts up considerable, or decent numbers as a freshman…I think he’ll be a shoe-in. But I think most of these kids that want to go in, they’re not actually ready. But the way it’s set up, a lot of them just go.” Top Stories