VIDEO: UW OL Coach Chris Strausser on Day 16

Washington Offensive Line Coach Chris Strausser spoke on Day 16 of Fall Camp, where he talked to the media Sunday about Dexter Charles, how the OL has dealt with replacing him, Siosifa Tufunga's leadership, and more.

On the Dexter Charles loss “I think, unfortunately, in college football nowadays you kind of anticipate some of that happening. You never want it to be your old guys, we obviously miss Dexter (Charles). He had a hard eight months leading up to this so we had some preparation. We really were hoping he would be ready to go but knew in the back of our mind that there would be a shot he wouldn’t. So some of the guys playing guard now we had playing guard during the summer so they’ve had a little bit of practice at it. All that being said, for Jake Elderenkamp playing tackle for a long time, now he’s moved into guard, it takes a little bit of time.”

On if the line is starting to come together “I would say slowly. Very slowly. I think we’ve got a long way to go. I think we need to take advantage of every twelve, or thirteen, or eleven, how many days it is until game time, and I think this is going to be a work in progress for the season.”

On who has stepped up as a leader in the absence of Dexter Charles “Like I said a couple of days back, I think Sifa (Tufunga) really is the guy that has kind of been the voice of the group. Even with Dexter (Charles), Dex is not a real vocal guy, he’s a physical guy, that’s his nature on the field. Sifa  is a guy, and that’s one of the reason he’s a center for us, he takes charge of the huddle, he takes charge of those guys out on the field.”

On Trey Adams “I hate to talk about one guy, but that is one guy that I’m super excited about. He’s athletic and he’s 6’7” and that’s a pretty good combination.”

On if it’s still mix and match or if he has an idea of the five guys that will start “We’re still working some bodies around, and really every practice some guys have guys played more than one position, really every practice we have had. We just don’t have the luxury right now of saying ‘these are the five guys and let’s rock and roll.’" Top Stories