VIDEO: UW QB Jeff Lindquist on Day 16

Washington Quarterback Jeff Lindquist spoke on Day 16 of Huskies Fall Camp Sunday, where he talked about the Friday scrimmage that was open to the public, as well as his view on the starting quarterback battle, running the ball, the loss of Dexter Charles, and his improvements.

On taking a hit in Friday’s scrimmage “Oh I’m good. Kinda like I said, we get hit four or five times every fall, so there’s no reason to complain, but I’m doing fine.”

On the benefit of scrimmaging with contact “I think for all of the quarterbacks when we get a little bit of  live contact it makes it more game-like. For me it helps me settle down a little bit once I kind of know like ’oh that’s what a hit is going to feel like.’ It’s nice to be reminded each time, so I kinda enjoy that piece.”

On the offense clicking better in the second scrimmage than the first “I think so. We were cleaner on our execution, and we didn’t turn the ball over as much as we did the first time, which is obviously a good thing. I think I heard (Coach Jonathan Smith) say this, which is true, but we had to many penalties I think. But in terms of how we are moving forward, I think we are in a good spot.”

On his outlook on the quarterback picture “I mean, kind of the same as it was when it started. They haven’t told us who is going to start or who is in front of who, so at this point we are going to, again, keep playing the best that we can and where the cards fall it’s where they’ll be, and we will go from there.”

On if he would like to know sooner or later “I mean an answer is great. Obviously we are going to get it at some point so there’s no point in pushing it. I think these coaches are going to make the right cal,l whoever it is. Obviously I hope it’s me, but we are going to see where the cards fall again, and we are just excited to go play.”

On the tight end group “They’re great. They are a very multi-faceted faceted group. You’ve got some guys like Darrell (Daniels) and (Josh) Perkins who can go out and kind of make the longer plays, and you’ve got big bodies inside like David (Ajamu) and (Drew) Sample that can move guys around. You know, Connor Griffin has been a fun guy to throw to and obviously Michael Neal has been doing a good job. He’s new hear but he’s doing a good job. A great group of guys and they’re ever greater to throw to, so I’m excited for them this year.”

On his ability to run the ball “That’s definitely something I enjoy doing. Obviously you don’t make your money just being a runner but that’s definitely a piece I think I bring to the table, and I don’t mind going to get a tough four or five yards if I have to do that.”

On the offensive line’s response to the loss of Dexter Charles “They’ve responded well. Obviously losing Dexter (Charles) isn;t easy for us. Great player, great leader on this line, and a great friend to a lot of us. It’s tough for him not to be out with us and with the lineman, but the guys that we have right now are doing a good job and they’re going to move forward and do the best they can, so I’m not really worried about it.”

On what he has been working on “I probably sound like a broken record to you guys, but it’s continued to be accuracy for me, and I guess with that it’s been consistency too. I think if I can be consistently accurate I can do some great things, so that’s kind of the piece I’ve been working on and will continue to work on.

On if visualization is a part of consistency “Yeah, I mean, that’s part of it. Also it’s just being comfortable with the reads so you know where to go with the ball. You can ask any quarterback, usually when they know where they are going with the ball that the ball gets there better than if they just rush it. So that’s a piece of it, but also just mechanics and being comfortable.” Top Stories