VIDEO: UW Center Sifa Tufunga on Day 16

Washington Senior Center Sifa Tufunga, on Day 16 of Huskies Fall Camp Sunday, where he spoke to the media about going from fall practice to game week, the transition of moving forward without Dexter Charles, and more.

On if it feels different to be in a mock game week “Not really. We’re just out there to get better. Just improvement. Coach Petersen talked about this in our team meeting, just improving everyday, how can we improve, each person, and how can we contribute to the team?”

On if they are going to try to imitate a game week this week “Kind of but not really. We just try to take it one day at a time and, again, getting better, and continue to work hard and work our craft and stuff like that. I don’t feel any different. Just one day at a time, working hard and grinding.”

On what he has improved on most since the beginning of fall camp “Just being more vocal. Trying to get the younger guys to continue to grind and stuff, and bring along all the other teammates. I just don’t like to talk. Just being more vocal being the veteran now.”

On how the line has responded to the challenge of losing Dexter Charles “I mean, I feel good about our o-line. We’re a bunch of guys that like to compete and like to get better and stuff like that. So I feel good our o-line.”

On who has stepped up “I feel like everybody did, everybody stepped up. I know it was a tough loss and stuff, but everybody stepped it up. The next guy has to step their game up in order to be able to play.”

On scrimmaging in front of fans on Friday “It’s always fun to have the fans out there and be able compete in front of them, and just to hear their energy, feel their energy and stuff like that. It was fun.”

On how much more they understand the offense this year “We have definitely improved a lot, but, you know, there’s always still the small details that we need to work on and continue to build on and be able to help out the team.” Top Stories