VIDEO: UW DB Coach Jimmy Lake on Day 17

Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake spoke to the media Monday on Day 17 of Huskies Fall Camp, where he addressed the safety spot opposite Budda Baker, the health of Jojo McIntosh and Ezekiel Turner, and how he plans on utilizing his group as they prepare for their September 4th opener at Boise State.

On how he feels his players have progressed from last year to this year “They’ve come a long way. But still, they only have 14 games under their belt, and some of them didn’t even play early on in the season last year. I call them young veterans. The basically have one season under their belt. They’ve learned the techniques, learned the scheme, and now at least they’re hearing it now for the second time or third time after spring football. So the regression has been way easier. It’s been way better. We can put more defenses in now. We’re still young. I wouldn’t call our unit veteran until they’ve had two full seasons, but I’m really excited for where we are at right now. It’s obviously vastly different than where we were at last year.”

On where the newcomers fit in their defense “I’ve been really excited about both of those guys. They’ve done a really good job on defense, they’ve done a good job on special teams. They’ve both competed their tails off to put themselves in position to be able to contribute this year. We’ll meet and we’ll kind of figure that out in the next couple of days or so, but they’ve done everything they can so far to show themselves, that they can play this year.”

On the status of the strong safety position battle “It’s really up for grabs, and we’ve had a lot of guys go in their and make some plays. Brandon Beaver made a big play today. Jojo McIntosh had a really good camp early on until a little injury dinged him out for a couple of days, but now he’s back. And you can’t forget about Zeke Turner. He’s playing really well. So we have some guys that we can fit in there and I think as we move forward towards the season, you’re not just going to see one guy there. It’s going to be a few guys, and we’ll see who is going to show up when those game day lights are on and shining bright who is going to make those plays. Hopefully after a few games we will have a couple of guys we are comfortable playing.”

On depth at corner back “It’s been a really healthy competition. Kevin King is right there. He is right there. Again, that’s another spot that is unsettled right now, but I like the competition right there. So, again, it will be the same as that strong safety position. As we move into the season, you’re going to see kind of a rotating door of a couple of guys going in there and getting their reps. And it will be the same thing for those guys, the guys that shine the brightest when the lights are on and it’s game time and the guys are making plays and not making a ton of mistakes, and playing physical and playing hard, then those guys will deserve to get more playing time. But I really like our depth right now. I think we have so much depth that it’s not just going to be one guys as a starter for the whole season. It will be ‘hey, you go for a little while and maybe this guy goes for a little while.’ We’ll kind of mix and match, and I’ve got to try to keep these guys happy, because I think we have a lot of competitors out there that want to play, and I think they can all do great contributions for our team.” Top Stories