VIDEO: UW DB Budda Baker on Day 17

Washington Defensive Back Budda Baker spoke to the media on Day 17 of Fall Camp Monday about the cohesiveness of the secondary and how he expects the defense to surprise some people as they get ready to travel to Boise State September 4th for their season opener.

On the difficulty of playing both ways “For me, I feel like it’s not really that hard due to me doing it ever since the little league doing all that type of stuff, and high school all that type of stuff. So for me I feel like it’s kind of normal. It’s kind of like a thing that I’ve always done, so I don’t think worry about that.”

On if he wants to contribute as a returner “I mean, whatever Coach Pete says, and I’m good with it. If he wants Dante to go, I’ll actually try to block for Dante. For me we don’t really get into that type of reps stuff, it’s just whatever Coach Pete wants to do, and we’ll ll do it.”

On anticipating the season opener “Yeah, we are very excited for that game. We have a week and a half or something like that. We are very excited to go down to Boise State.”

On this defense having the ability to surprise some people “Yeah, exactly. You said it yourself, I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on us due to how many guys we lost. So, for us, we are using that as motivation and coming together mostly as a team.”

On the difficulty of stepping in as a true freshman “I feel like for any freshman it’s difficult due to you have all of these older guys telling you what to do and everything, and you just don’t want to let them down and you don’t want to mess up so you think too much. So, for me, it was hard, but as the season progressed I understood that I wasn’t going to make all of the plays and I was going to mess up sometimes, and I just had to let it go and go on to the next play.”

On if any true freshman have stood out to him “I mean, yeah, of course. I feel like Coach Lake got a great DB class. All of those DB’s are really good and they’re open to learning. They know they’re not those types of guys who talk back to us and they listen to us, so, for that, that’s a real positive. I think they’re all good.”

On his chemistry with Sidney Jones, Darren Gardenhire, and other members of the secondary “Yes, of course, especially because we’re in the same class. We’ve even had classes together and all that type of stuff. We watch film together, and even when we were in the dorms we could link up together. It was way easier than with the older guys since they lived in different places. I feel like it was great.” Top Stories