VIDEO: UW PK Cameron Van Winkle on Day 17

Washington Placekicker Cameron Van Winkle talked to the media on Day 17 of Huskies Fall Camp Monday at Husky Stadium about dialing in leg strength and getting ready for the season, as well as his personal goals for 2015. The Huskies face Boise State in Boise, September 4th.

On having a year of experience with the coaching staff under his belt “It’s a little easier this year because we know the model, we know what he wants, we’re used to him. We’re pretty much a big family now, so I’m loving it now.”

On his personal goal for the season “My personal goal right now is to not hit the upright like I did twice last year. Get those two in, get off time a little bit, and hopefully make them all.”

On his expectations for this season “I feel like we will improve our record. There’s a little doubt, but the way we work out, this whole summer, offseason, it’s unbelievable how hard that all of these guys have been working. So I think we will actually be pretty good.”

On the fast-approaching season opener at Boise “Yeah it’s crazy, this is pretty much our last week of camp, and ‘boom.’ We have a game in eleven days. I can’t wait to get out on that blue field.”

On if the blue turf will be a unique experience “Not much. I kicked there a while ago when I was a junior in high school, so I’ve kicked there before. But every new stadium that you’ve never played in is an amazing experience.”

On what he has improved on the most “I’d say my power. I had pretty good accuracy last year and I think I pushed a few more yards in right now.”

On his comfortable range “I’m comfortable all the way back to 50. Depending on the weather, I could go probably further back. Add a little little back wind, I would love to go further with a little wind on my back.” Top Stories