VIDEO: UW NT Elijah Qualls On Boise State spoke Monday with Washington nose tackle Elijah Qualls, who talked about Friday's season opener at Boise State, getting mentally and physically prepared for the game, and also how the rotation of the defensive line will go with fellow defensive linemen Greg Gaines and Vita Vea.

On if he’s ready for Friday “Oh absolutely. I actually got up this morning and was screaming in all of my teammates ears that it’s game week, so they’re probably a little irritated with me. I’m excited. This is what we’ve been working for all summer, winter, and fall camp. Just to play.”


On if he feels the team is ready “I definitely feel like we’re ready, especially on the defensive side. I’m not on the offensive side, but as far as how we’re feeling, the energy on defense, the connection we have, the communication we have, and everything like that, I have a lot of confidence in our defense for sure. I believe our offense is going to do what they need to in order to move the ball and score.”


On if it feels different going into this year as a starter “I’m honestly a little nervous. Just first time ever starting, going to get a lot of playing time, I’ve got some big shoes to fill. At the same time I’m trying to also make a name for myself and just be dependable for my team. I don’t want the linebackers or anybody else to have to worry about runs up the middle or having our coaches need to worry about having to blitz to get pressure. I want to do my job to the best of my abilities and exceed at it and make sure that, at least as far as my job, that the middle of the defense is on lockdown.”


On the defensive line rotating frequently “Yeah, that’s what you want to do. When (Coach Choate) told me that, I kind of expected it. We’ve got Greg Gaines and Vita Vea in our rotation, so I wasn’t expecting it to be like it was for me and Danny (Shelton). I was three years behind him, he’d been playing and starting years already and I was just coming off of a redshirt season. Greg (Gaines) and Vita (Vea) are both good players. I honestly believe we have three dominant players that can go anywhere and play, if not start. So the rotation was expected, and knowing that I can go full out for 4, 5, 6 plays and I can not have to worry about tapping out because I know that whoever is coming in for me is going to be able to make something happen and, if not just full out make plays, then at least hold their own.” Top Stories