VIDEO: UW BUCK Travis Feeney on Boise State spoke Monday with Washington senior BUCK Travis Feeney, who talked about Friday's season opener at Boise State, being a leader out there for the defense, and how this is going to be his last 'first game' for the Huskies.

On replacing stars from last year “It’s always a building year every time you lose star players like those guys, like Shaq (Thompson), Hau’oli (Kikaha), (John) Timu, (Evan and Andrew) Hudson, and Danny Shelton and all that. But definitely that helps the guys who were behind them. They’re mentored by them and they’re able to learn through them, learn through film, learn through on the field techniques by them, and just learn how to play. So those guys, they’re ready. They’re developed and they’re ready to go.”


On how important this year is for his future in football “Yeah, I mean, it’s a big personal goal, but right now it’s all about team goals. This is just about winning the game and we’re just ready to go and play Boise this Friday.”


On his role as a leader on this team “Yeah, definitely. I feel like I haven’t had to in the past have as much of a voice. I’ve been more of a, you know, sit in the back kind of a leader. I’ve had great guys Cort Dennison, (John) Timu, and great linebackers like that, and Shaq (Thompson), and those guys like that, and Danny (Shelton). I haven’t really had to say much. But now I know that it’s my turn. Those guys have left it on me and I’m ready to pick it up and I’m ready to take the leadership role, and I’m just going to keep everybody ready to go and keep everybody’s confidence up.”


On how this week feels different that the week leading up to Hawaii last year “It doesn’t feel any different.  It’s the first game of the season. The only thing is it’s my one, my last first game. It just makes it that more exciting for me, that more exciting that we’re the last game on TV. Everybody is going to get to see us play, and they’re going to watch us in the spotlight and we’re going to be the highlight. We’re going to be ready to go.”


On his move to BUCK “My comfort level is great. It’s definitely an adjustment. I had great guys to watch film after, like Hau’oli (Kikaha), and great guys to ask questions sometimes, like Hau’oli (Kikaha) in the summer and stuff. It definitely was an adjustment at first, but I have a lot of confidence, I feel ready to go. I’ve learned a lot of new things, I’ve learned a lot of new moves, and I’m just learning how to play better. I feel ready confident.”


On if he can take anything from the last time UW and BSU met “It’s a hard game.  Both teams always fight. This is our third time coming up and it’s just a matter of who’s going to keep swinging. Somebody is either going to get punched in the face and stop or they’re going to keep going, and we know it’s going to be a brawl on both sides.” Top Stories