VIDEO: UW DB Coach Jimmy Lake on Boise State spoke Monday with Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake, who talked about senior safety Brian Clay, having more depth this year compared to last year, having options in his secondary rotations, and going back to Boise State where he coached.

On returning to Boise “Obviously for us, as coaches, we think of as ‘it’s a game.’ We’ve got to go play and the objective is to go win the football game. Obviously the difference is there are going to be a lot of familiar faces across on the other sideline. We can’t worry about that. Once the game starts it’s going to be Washington vs. Boise State and we’re going to try to win the football game.”


On if his role in recruiting some of the players at Boise State gives the team an advantage “I don’t think so because at the same time they know us as well. Their coaches know our schemes and styles and our coaches know their schemes and styles and so it’s going to be quite a chess match that way. They have a lot of newer players. It’s been two years now so they have a lot of newer players that we don’t necessarily know them thoroughly. Some of the players that were there before have gotten bigger, faster, and stronger because they’re two years older now. There’s going to be a little bit of familiarity there, but it’s the opening game. They’re going to have new wrinkles, we’re going to have new wrinkles, so it’s going to be a chess match. It should be a fun one to watch.”


On Darren Gardenhire and Kevin King battling for a starting spot “Both guys have played awesome. There’s really no closing the gap. It’s real similar to last years situation, we opened up in Hawaii, we had a lot of guys that played pretty well and now we have to see who’s going to play as a starter when it’s a real football game, not when it’s spring football, not when it’s fall practice. I think as we move forward into the season, it’s going to sort itself out. Who’s playing better? Who’s not playing as good? Or, which I believe is going to happen, is we have a lot of guys that can play really good football. We’re going to see more guys rotating in this season just because our depth is a lot better than it was a season ago.”


On Brian Clay securing the starting job at strong safety “It really went back to the spring. He’s been really solid on all of his calls, he’s been able to communicate to the corners, make all the right check, the right reads. He’s just playing really solid for us. Those other guys have also played really well and they’re going to get their opportunity in this game and the next game and the following game. So right now just because he’s listed as a starter, those other guys could easily start just as well. Jojo (McIntosh) has played well. Zeke (Turner) has played well. Brandon Beaver has played really well. You’re going to get a chance to see all of those guys go in there and play.”


On if he prefers four starters emerging and dominating snaps or a deep rotation “You know, as a coach, the more rotation the better. The more players that we feel good about that can go into the game the better. It’s a long season, and most of my guys all have to play on special teams, legs get tired. If I have 11, 12 guys that I feel can be starters, that would be number one for me.” Top Stories