VIDEO: UW DC Pete Kwiatkowski on Boise State

Washington Defensive Coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski spoke to the media Monday about Boise State and a few other topics. The Boise State alum and former Broncos coach talked about going back to Boise Stadium, how Boise State has been able to amass such an impressive home advantage, and if he feels he might have an advantage scouting BSU because of his familiarity with their players.

On the return to Boise “I’m excited for the game. It’s a great atmosphere to play a football game in. The only difference is I’m going to be on the opposing sideline instead of their sideline. I’m excited and I know the guys are excited. I have a lot of friends, a lot of great relationships with people their and we’ll always be friends, just for about three and a half hours they’ll be rooting against me. It’s just exciting to go back and play in that stadium. It’s just an awesome atmosphere.”


 On what gives Boise such amazing success at home “Those fans are passionate. They’re loud, especially when big time schools come in there, and especially openers. They support the Broncos big time. We’re ready. We’re ready for it. The feelings that I have are I want to go in there and we want to play the best football we can play and hopefully we can walk away with a ‘W.’”


On how this week is different than the week leading up to Hawaii last season “The biggest difference is, the coaches, players, we know each other way better. We’re more comfortable with each other with expectations; everybody knows what’s expected. The familiarity is way better. It’s awesome. I think that has helped our preparation and our communication and guys feeling comfortable with whatever we ask them to do.”


On how he thinks that familiarity will manifest itself out on the field “Hopefully it’s competitors mentality, where no matter what the situation is, whether we’re down by 14, up by 14, or a close game we’re competing, we’re playing to our best of our abilities, we’re running to the ball, we’re being physical, we’re competitors. If we do that, then that’s a big part of what we’re trying to get done.”


On the balance of focusing on his own players and scouting Boise State “We’re doing what we’re going to do and we’re trying to give them as many looks as we can of what we think they’re going to see, but at the end of the day you don’t know. You’ve got to play with great eyes, you’ve got to play with great fundamentals, knee bend, technique, and trust your keys. Then we start adjusting from there.”


On if it helps that he recruited a lot of the Broncos key players “You know the personality, you know what they’re all about, but guys change in two years. They develop differently, their confidence gets better, so their mind set changes. So we have an idea. All I know is they’ll fired up and they’re going to play their tails off and they’re not going to go away.”


On how he feels the defense has changed fundamentally since last year “When you talk about fundamentals it’s eyes, knee bend, pad level, some people call it technique, just the fundamentals of your position. If you’re a DB it’s a back pedal, stance. Schematically, I wouldn’t say it’s changed all that much, some tweaks here and there, but we’re going to do what we do.” Top Stories