VIDEO: UW CB Kevin King on Boise State

Washington Cornerback Kevin King spoke to the media Monday about the Huskies' upcoming game at Boise State Friday night at Boise Stadium, the atmosphere he expects to see, and how they'll deal with it as a team heading into a hostile environment.

On how the secondary has changed since last year “Well, you know, experience. Experience plays a huge role in everything. With experience comes confidence. We’ve had the talent the whole time, but once we go out there and we know that we can play with anybody out there and that we can dominate, that does everything for us. With everybody on our team, we’ve all come together with that experience, we’ve all come together from last year and we’re all playing the same as last year so that’s good.”


On young guys getting valuable experience “Well young guys, fresh legs and everything like that, everybody is excited coming from high school. Everybody wants to get in there and play. I’m excited to see who’s going to come up and who’s going to make that transition to college. We’ve got a great group of young guys. Even the guys who played last year as true freshman, they’re still young guys, but I’m excited to see how they step up into that role of kind of being leaders and being veterans and stuff like that on the field. I’m excited for everybody.”


On if he expects Boise State to be similar to what he sees everyday at practice “Yeah, you know, similar coaching staff, especially with our coaching staff coming from there. We watched a lot of film on them last year. We’ll be prepared. Of course, they’re going to have their new wrinkles and everything from the offseason because we all work, we’ve all got new things. We’re prepared to play our keys and everything, so we’ll be prepared.”


On what he expects from the Boise State crowd “Coach Petersen, he’s told us a lot about it. I don’t expect it to be quiet. I expect it to be as loud as here. Everybody’s fans are going against you. I’m not too worried about that. It’s going to be a great atmosphere. I’m excited. Everything fuels us. All the negative energy that they’re going to bring, that will fuel our positive energy as a team and make us come together more and just fuel the fire.”


On playing on the blue turf “It’s going to be cool. I’ll get out there in warm ups, I’ll see it, but it isn’t any different from the regular field. I’m not too worried about it. It will definitely be a cool experience to get out there and say ‘I played on the smurf turf.’ It’s something that I can say I played on years down the line. I’m excited, but it’s just like any other game.” Top Stories