VIDEO: UW WR Dante Pettis on Boise State

Washington Receiver Dante Pettis spoke to the media Tuesday at Husky Stadium as the Huskies continue to prepare for their season opener Friday at Boise State. He talked about the atmosphere they expect, and any rivalry he might have with his cousin, former BSU WR Austin Pettis.

On if he’s ready to play “Definitely, real excited. We’ve been working for about eight months in the offseason. It’s good to finally be back.”


On if he’s tired of seeing the same defenders everyday in practice “Yes. Especially because they know everything we’re doing to an extent. It’ll be good to see some fresh DBs out there.”


On how much better the UW secondary is from last season “Way better. This offseason really helped them a lot. You can tell too when you go out there and really there are no weak DBs. There’s no one you can go out there and get an easy catch on.”


On if each of three quarterbacks can lead the offense “Yeah, any of them. At this point we really are comfortable with any of them to go out there. We’ve been working with them for eight months, the whole offseason. We’ve been working the whole summer camp and all that stuff, so comfortable with whoever goes out there.”


On how he has grown as a receiver “I’d say physically I got stronger, I feel like I’m a little I feel like I can do a little more blocking wise, maybe more after the catch and stuff like that.”


On if he’s talked with his cousin Austin Pettis about the game Friday “Not really, I actually haven’t talked to Austin (Pettis) about it yet. I’ll probably text him sometime this week, maybe talk a little smack. I haven’t talked to him yet.”


On why he chose UW over Boise State “Honestly, Coach Pete, I kind of fell in love with his system.  It was ultimately him.” Top Stories