VIDEO: UW WR Coach Brent Pease on Boise State

Washington Receivers Coach Brent Pease spoke to the media Tuesday before the Huskies' Friday season opener at Boise State. Pease talked about what makes BSU's home advantage so formidable, as well as the new weapons Washington has at the receiver position to help them move the ball and score points. 

On where he thinks the young receivers are in terms of handling the pressure “I think it’s kind of an overall year thing, but I know they’ve done a good job learning. I don’t think totally they’ll be prepared until they work through this thing, get some reps that are live situations. We’re going to find out how much they can process with the noise and on their assignment and all that. It’s hard. I think they’ve done a good job, and I still expect them to know their stuff. There’s still some tentativeness at times.”


On Boise’s biggest advantage at home “I think there’s a lot of pride about their blue. They’ve got good kids and have always had good tradition. It seems like the chemistry of the team has always been the strength that has allowed them to win, along with good players.”


On if he feels more prepared with the talent that the receivers have “I think we feel better about that. But more importantly, being here two years, we understand each guy’s strengths and try to use them to that advantage.” Top Stories