VIDEO: UW LG Jake Eldrenkamp on Boise State

Washington Left Guard Jake Eldrenkamp spoke to the media Tuesday before the Huskies' Friday night season-opener at Boise State. Eldrenkamp talked about moving to left guard from left tackle, the atmosphere he anticipates seeing at Boise Stadium, as well as catching up with fellow Bellevue Wolverine and current BSU offensive lineman Marcus Henry. 

On the switch from left tackle to left guard “There’s been some adjustment. A lot of it transfers over. I’ve been able to look up to Dexter (Charles) and he’s been teaching me a lot. There’s so much that transfers over from tackle to guard that it’s been kind of an easy transition.”


On if he’s disappointed to have to move from tackle to guard or excitement for the new challenge “I just looked forward my whole life to starting for the Huskies, so wherever I can fit in and contribute, that’s all I need,”


On if there are any nerves or a lot of focus “There’s a lot of focus. A lot of stuff that our defense has been doing is going to carry over to the game. There are going to be some surprises, there’s going to be a lot of carry over. Definitely some butterflies. I’m looking forward to it, first start.”


On the chemistry of the o-line “It’s been really good. There’s been a lot of rotation, as you probably know, on the o-line, a lot of guys getting some time. Regardless of who is in there, we spend a lot of time in the offseason just bonding and getting to know each other, so I think it’s going to be good.”


On what Coach Strausser has told him about the atmosphere “They say it’s 30,000 but it sounds like 70,000. We’re just going in there expecting a really loud, hostile environment.”

On facing fellow Bellevue alum Marcus Henry “Yeah, I’ll find him after the game, but we haven’t really talked leading up to it. Obviously I played with for three years, played next to him for two years. He’s just a great guy and I wish all the luck to him too.” Top Stories