VIDEO: UW OC Jonathan Smith on Boise State

Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith spoke to the media Tuesday before the Huskies' Friday night season-opener at Boise State. Obviously everyone wanted to know Smith’s opinion on the secret quarterback plan, as well as if  Jake Browing has exceeded expectations, reps between the signal-callers, how the offense will be different from 2014, and more. 

On if he was surprised by Jake Browning competing for the starting job as a true freshman “We expected him to be a part of it, especially when he got here early to go through spring. I think it’s just a little different; you talk about a true freshman playing with the understanding that they weren’t having that bonus spring ball. I just don’t see that happening very often. Because he had the spring, it felt like he was going to go up and down in the spring, but he continued to improve. We did anticipate when we recruited him, that, yeah, this guy can play early. Some of it is just because of his maturity, so that’s why he was in the mix the whole time.”


On if there is any way he could have been more prepared coming out of high school “No. I mean, there’s always the little things he didn’t do in high school, but you talk about the amount of just passes, the amount he played, he went through so many progressions, and he played some good football. Some of the teams he played in California are pretty good. So, I don’t think he could have been more prepared.”


On if he feels the return to Boise will be awkward “Yeah, you know, it’s definitely awkward, because with a lot of those kids over there you sat in their living rooms, you recruited them and spent a lot of time with them. In that piece, that’s a little awkward. At the same time, once this game gets kicked off, it’s going to be a football game. I see it a little bit more awkward for (Coach Petersen), especially because he has ties with so many guys on both sides. He definitely sat in every living room with those kids. So, probably at the start, pregame, it will be a little awkward, but once the game starts we’ll be on to football.”


On how much the coaches have talked about the return to Boise “We haven’t talked about it a ton. I don’t know if it’s going to be the biggest game in Boise history, there are some good games that have gone on in that place the last 10-15 years. I’m sure the atmosphere is going to be ecstatic, a lot of excitement there. Again, once it kind of kicks off, it will be like we’re playing on the road against a good team that has a hostile crowd.” Top Stories