VIDEO: UW WR Jaydon Mickens on Boise State

Washington senior receiver Jaydon Mickens spoke to the media Tuesday before the Huskies' Friday night season-opener at Boise State. Mickens talked about the number change from 4 to 1 to honor John Ross, how the receivers are ready to make plays regardless of who is named the starting quarterback, and if he’s been pestered by people regarding who is going to be Washington’s starting quarterback.

On switching his number to 1 “First of all, you know, we finally announced the starting quarterback, and it’s going to be me, Cam Newton. That’s why I changed it. I’m just kidding. But really, for my guy (John) Ross. We grew up together, especially middle school. We played through up tackle together. He went to my high school, Dorsey High School, for one year until he couldn’t commute that far everyday. So we’ve known each other for a long time. And for this to be my last year, and probably never playing any organized sport with him ever again, I had to do something to let him know that I respect him, I love him, and I’m always here for him.”


On his excitement level for Friday against Boise State “My excitement level is out the roof. Senior year, you know, we’re going into a national championship atmosphere is what I’m hearing. It’s nothing I’m not used to. It’s nothing a lot of the guys on this team aren’t used to, but I’m still excited for it.”


On what he expects from Boise State “I expect them to come out and play hard. They just came off an incredible bowl win against a PAC-12 opponent in Arizona. They’re going to come out playing lights out, they’re going to play with their hearts, and they’re going to have a little chip on their shoulder, especially coming off a big win in the Tostidos (Fiesta) Bowl and the coach situation.”


On if he thinks the coaching situation adds to the matchup “Oh yeah, definitely. He has to go in there and get a win because I know a lot of people hate him.  A lot of people hate him, but you know, it’s the situation we’re going to be in a couple of weeks after this game. So we’re going to go in with a chip on our shoulder as well.”


On what John Ross III thinks about the number switch “Well, Austin Joyner is number 4 on defense, so me and Austin Joyner are probably going to be in on some special teams maybe. So they were talking about number switching and he switching his number to a different number, and (John) Ross said ‘I want you to wear my number.’ So I was like ‘if you really want me to wear your number, I’ll wear your number this year to honor you.’ He’s not dead, but it’s all out of respect, love, and, you know, the whole L.O.Z. thing. I want to keep that drive. Realistically, 4 and 1 are still going to be on the field at the same time.”


On John Ross’ recovery “He’s making a great recovery. I’m seeing him run, he’s not cutting yet, but I’m seeing him run. He’s catching the ball and he’s doing everything necessary to do for a phenomenal comeback upcoming next year.”


On what he likes about this years offense “Because we have a lot of young guys, a lot of young lineman. Some of them are going to be redshirt freshman, some of them seeing what game atmosphere is like and what they have to do in order to be successful. We’ve got young quarterbacks, and we’ve got Jeff, and either one of those guys is going to take the helm and they’re going to do a tremendous job. The stakes are high now. We’ve got a lot of seniors that are going to leave. These guys want it for each other. Also, we’re more of a tight-knit football team. We’re going by the model ‘team, you, then me.’ Notice that ‘me’ is last, so the team is first. We have to get collectively as our team and then we’ll be fine.”


On his comfort with the quarterback situation “Very comfortable with the quarterback situation. Well, pretty much, I’m comfortable with any quarterback situation. Wherever the ball is thrown we’re going to go get it. That’s the bottom line. We have to make any quarterback look good, whether it’s Jake Locker, Keith Price, Jeff Lindquist, or anybody, we’re going to make them look good regardless.”


On if he gets bugged by friends and family to confess who is starting at quarterback “Oh yeah, a lot of people. They want to know who is going to be the quarterback, especially my mom. ‘Who’s going to get you guys the ball?’ And I’m like ‘you can’t worry about that right now, you’re going to see opening day at 8:21.” Top Stories